What genre is Charli XCX?

Charli XCX has emerged as a popular singer in the past few years. With several hit collaborations and experimental sound, she is especially well-known around the world. But what is her music genre?

Here, we will be explaining what the music genre of Charli XCX is. Then, we will be combing over her albums to determine the genre per album.

Charli XCX’s general music genre

The music genre of Charli XCX can be broadly categorized as pop.

However, a deeper look will tell that she explores different types such as dance-pop, alternative-pop, goth-pop, and electropop.

Other than pop, the music genre of Charli XCX also comprises punk-pop and new wave. However, she has stated that she does not identify with specific music genres.

She has cited many influences, including Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Rihanna.

In terms of dream collaborations, Charli XCX mentioned that she would like to work with the likes of Kate Bush and Dionne Warwick.

Charli XCX music genre

Charli XCX’s music genre per album

True Romance (2013)

The genres to be found in this debut studio album of Charli XCX are synth-pop, darkwave, dance/electronic pop, and alternative/indie.

It was a considerable effort in establishing her sound, which was both experimental and familiar. Nuclear Seasons is the title track of the album.

The most popular tracks from Charli XCX’s True Romance are You (Ha Ha Ha) and What I Like.

SUCKER (2014)

The genres in this record include punk-pop, with hip-hop and rock and roll influences.

It is a cheery album that was met with positive reviews from critics. The song Boom Clap featured in the 2014 blockbuster movie The Fault In Our Stars and made Charli XCX reach a wider audience with her music.

The album also contained the song Sucker, which was released as the last single from it. It also had a music video to accompany its release.

The most popular tracks from Charli XCX’s SUCKER are Break The Rules and Boom Clap.

Charli (2019)

The genres to be found in this album are hyper-pop, avantpop, futurepop, and electropop. This album contains some major collaborations, such as 1999 with Troye Sivan and Blame It on Your Love by Lizzo.

The album topped many charts across the world and further popularized Charli XCX. It was also supported by a live world tour and has been hailed as one of her most genuine reflections of her signature musicality.

The most popular tracks from Charli XCX’s Charli are 1999 and Blame It on Your Love (feat. Lizzo).

How I’m Feeling Now (2020)

The genres in this album are electronic pop, experimental pop, and hyper pop. The instrumentals in this album were experimental as well, with the use of synthesizers and bass riffs. This fourth studio album was completed by Charli XCX when the global pandemic hit in association with her fans.

The album did very well, both commercially and with critics.

The most popular tracks from Charli XCX’s how i’m feeling now are forever and claws.

CRASH (2022)

The main music genres in this album are pop, dance-pop, and synthpop. This could be stylized as ‘female vocalist’ too. It is the fifth studio album by Charli XCX. The album was released on 18 March 2022.

Charli XCX deviates from the style of her previous works and sticks to the more conventional dance-pop genre.

The most popular tracks of Charli XCX’s CRASH are Good Ones and Beg For You.

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