What Genre Is Britney Spears?

When it comes to music, Britney Spears is undeniably a cultural influence for many different reasons.

Britney Spears is a name that resonates within the music industry and beyond, having attained an iconic status due to her immense talent and influence over the world of pop music.

Her signature sound has won her legions of fans worldwide and made her a successful artist.

Now, what is her music genre?

Britney Spears’ general music genres


Britney Spears’ main music style is undeniably pop music.

Indeed, as a general category, her work is bold, upbeat, and catchy, attracting the attention of many listeners worldwide.

Her songs are so successful that they became hits in countries that don’t speak English as a first language. 

Perhaps her best-known pop song is “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”

But most of Britney Spears’ songs have become instant classics over the years.

Bubblegum Pop

Spearheading a new wave of sound in the late ’90s, Britney was one of the earliest artists to combine hip-hop and R&B into mainstream pop.

This combination of styles became known as the “bubblegum pop” genre, which Britney helped shape and define with songs like ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’.

Other notable bubblegum pop artists include the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, and Charli XCX. Britney’s influence on the genre can still be heard today.


Finally, Britney’s music is heavily influenced by her love of dance, with a focus on provoking the listener to move and groove.

Her music is energetic and boosts the mood of anyone listening to the music.

One of her main dance pop songs is “Toxic” (for which she won a Grammy award).

It’s no surprise that Britney Spears’ dance pop music has stood the test of time for dance scenes globally.

Britney Spears Music Genre

How did her music style develop?

Britney Spears’ music career has spanned two decades.

She rose to fame with her 1999 debut album …Baby One More Time, which saw her become an overnight sensation.

This album featured the hit single “Sometimes” as well as the title track, cementing Britney as a pop icon. Next, it laid the foundations for the bubblegum genre.

Since then, Britney has released nine studio albums that showcase her evolution in music style and genre.

Her second album, Oops!… I Did It Again, featured a more mature sound than her debut.

The title track was the lead single and showcased Britney’s newfound sex appeal with its dark lyrical content and alluring music video.

Her third album, Britney followed in 2001 and was full of dance-floor classics like “I’m a Slave 4 U” and “Boys”. This album was an example of Britney’s experimentation with new genres.

Britney also dabbled in other genres such as hip hop on her fourth album, In the Zone.

She also explored her R&B roots on her fifth album, Blackout, with sultry tracks such as “Gimme More” and the single “Piece of Me”.

Her sixth album Circus featured mostly pop music but she also included some rock influences in songs like the title track.

We saw her delve into dance music, on her seventh album Femme Fatale and eighth album Britney Jean.

Most recently, her ninth studio album Glory has been described as being a mix of pop, EDM, and trap music.


Britney Spears is a pop icon and her music career has spanned two decades.

Britney’s main music style is pop, but she has also experimented with – and later influenced – the bubblegum pop and dance-pop genres.

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