What Genre Is Lizzo?

It’s hard to believe that a classically trained flutist who lived out of her car at one point would become one of the biggest stars in music, but that’s Lizzo’s story and she’s sticking to it.

Lizzo’s success can largely be credited to her varied style that encompasses many genres to produce a unique sound that’s all her own. 

Lizzo’s music genres


It’s clear that Lizzo’s work is influenced by the contributions of artists who were key players in the R&B genre long before her time. 

“My Skin” is a sentimental R&B track all about Lizzo’s beautifully complicated relationship with her blackness. 

“Juice” is another bop that sounds like it came straight out of a Motown jam session. This throwback beat is danceable with fun and storied lyrics, both of which are key concepts of R&B. 

Like most R&B ballads, many of Lizzo’s songs feature heavy beats and prominent accompaniment on the piano.

Hip Hop

Although she cannot be defined by any one category, there’s no denying that this girl loves her hip hop. 

Lizzo’s hip hop style includes her signature sass. And how can you have hip hop without rap?

The superstar spits her own flow on songs like “My Skin,” but she isn’t shy about collabing with some of the hottest rap talents to beef up her hip hop game. Cardi B joins her own “Rumors” and makes it a certified hip hop banger. 

“Tempo” is probably Lizzo’s most pure hip hop song, which is made even better through her partnership with Missy Elliott to drop a hot rap verse. 


Lizzo has had her fair share of radio play on the top hits channels showcasing the best of today’s pop. 

Arguably, everything she does is infused with some element of pop, but some songs are just per sugar. 

“Good As Hell” is a great example of a track that’s not as vapid lyrically as other contemporary jams, yet it’s still beyond catchy. 

One thing that sets Lizzo pop apart is her penchant for inserting sing-sung monologues into her music as a type of seamless interlude.


Lizzo’s inspiring rise to fame has been accompanied – and no doubt propelled – by her ability and willingness to test out different genres to find her fit. 

She’s still fairly new to the scene, so don’t be surprised to see new and improved versions of Lizzo emerge. 

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