Where To Start With Zach Bryan: Best Albums, Ranked

He is known as the skilled troubadour behind gems like “Sweet DeAnn” – Zach Bryan.

A Navy mechanic turned musician, Zach rose from posting cover songs on YouTube.

With his gripping lyrics and intimate sound that fuses country, Americana, and folk, Zach Bryan has been making quite a wave.

First peg in the ground, he came into the music scene with his debut album ‘DeAnn’ in 2019.

Whip up your curiosity as we pawn through the best Zach Bryan albums. Expect comforting guitar melodies and lyrics that echo the warmth of an honest old friend and his advice.

Not sure where to start? Strap in as we rank Zach Bryan albums and guide you through his discography.

Zach Bryan’s Albums Ranked

Elisabeth (2020)

Securing the crown is Bryan’s second introspective album ‘Elisabeth’ from 2020. Perhaps to nobody’s surprise,

Breaking through the barriers of country and folk, Bryan’s music began to gain worldwide reckoning.

A wider and bolder canvas marked Bryan’s blossoming confidence and vision.

“Revival”, one of the standout songs, is a mesmerizing tale with funny lyrics

“Loom” is another crowd-pleaser. Yearning and honesty with Bryan’s soulful vocals and acoustic guitar.

‘Elisabeth’ affirmed that Zach Bryan wasn’t a one-album sensation.

DeAnn (2019)

Jockeying for second position is Bryan’s debut piece of art, ‘DeAnn’ of 2019.

Presenting a novel blend, Bryan marked his arrival on the music map.

“Condemned” is a standout track. It touches on themes of remorse and redemption.

The track “Flying or Crying” is a expression of Bryan’s understanding of life’s duality. The lyrics show the struggle with the concept of ‘moving on’. Feeling ecstatic while embracing a better life or being emotionally drenched.

Overall, ‘DeAnn’ is an album that shows Zach Bryan’s lyrical wisdom and rawness.

American Heartbreak (2022)

Locking down the third slot in our ranking is the introspective ‘American Heartbreak’.

The album sees Bryan cultivate a more nuanced sound.

The album takes off with “Late July,” an acoustic track that sets the tone for the entire compilation.

The track ‘Sun to Me’, stands out, capturing the universal plights of love and desire.

Bryan’s storytelling continues to impress in tracks such as “From Austin”.

‘American Heartbreak’ displays Zach Bryan’s evolving.

Zach Bryan (2023)

Securing the fourth place is Bryan’s latest creation, his self-titled album, ‘Zach Bryan’.

This collection is aligned with the honest narratives in his earlier releases. Launched in 2023, the album still needs to grow on fans.

‘I Remember Everything’ takes center stage with lyrics that invites listeners to reflect on memories.

Moreover, ‘Hey Driver’ offers a soul-stirring song. Showing Bryan’s ability to convey genuine emotion through song.

The ‘Zach Bryan’ album reflects his consistent ability to move people.


In conclusion, Zach Bryan continues to reveal new depths in his discography.

From the authenticity of his initial ‘DeAnn’ to the soulful introspect in ‘Zach Bryan’.

As the chords ring out, we patiently wait the direction his musical journey goes next.

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