What Genre is Zach Bryan?

Zach Bryan, a U.S. Navy member turned viral, is a shining example to the unpredictability of the music world.

His growth went from being an unknown bedroom artist in 2017 to having millions of streams within a year.

Bryan first gained prominence after posting videos of his original work to YouTube.

His talent struck a chord with fans, leading to the organic social media growth.

His music, honest, raw, and individual in the album, resonates with all kind of listeners.

But the question that remains is: “What genre is Zach Bryan?”

Let’s explore the many influences that make up the Zach Bryan genre.

Zach Bryan’s Music Genre


Country music seems to be the core ingredient fueling the sound Zach Bryan creates.

His lyrics are incredibly passionate, interspersed with tales of love, life, and hardship.

Songs like “Godspeed” and “Condemned” are clear reflections of Bryan’s affection with country music.

In these tracks, storytelling, intrinsic to the Zach Bryan’s style comes to life.


The other noticeable genre in Zach Bryan’s music is Americana blended with folk.

His simplistic acoustic guitar, often accompanied by harmonica, sits within these genres.

Visible in tracks like “Flying or Crying” and “Hell or High Water”. These narratives are distinctively Americana in their feel and delivery.

Other Influences

Zach Bryan’s genre isn’t limited to Country and Americana only.

There’s streaks of Bluegrass and Southern Rock infused in his music, enriching his music style.

You can hear these subtle influences in songs like “Codeine Pills” and “Snow”.

The Music Genres Across His Albums

DeAnn (2019)

Bryan’s debut album, ‘DeAnn’, leaps deeply into country and Americana/Folk.

This album, recorded in a friend’s living room, has key tracks like “Leaving” and “Rest, Rose.”

Elisabeth (2020)

Continuing his journey, Bryan released ‘Elisabeth’ in 2020, carrying forward his sound.

He introduced more rich storytelling.

Still rooted in the fundamental genres, with elements of Southern Rock and Bluegrass.

Hits like “Heading South” and “November Air” have further fortified Bryan’s stading in the genres.

American Heartbreak (2022)

Extending his musical exploration, Bryan released ‘American Heartbreak’ in 2022.

This album is a mirror to Bryan’s style, preserving the raw essence while infusing some alternative elements.

With a blend of melancholy and nostalgia. Tracks like “Heavy Eyes” and “Sun to Me” further bring intimate stories.

Zach Bryan (2023)

Maintaining his creative momentum, Bryan released his self-titled album ‘Zach Bryan’ in 2023.

The album takes in a little more elements from Rock as normal.

It is again an unfiltered look into some heartfelt stories.

Standout tracks are “I Remember Everything” and “Hey Driver”.


However you label it, the Zach Bryan genre thrives in its raw storytelling. Which deeply rooted in country and Americana.

His music blends other elements though – a hint of Southern Rock here, a touch of Bluegrass there.

Doesn’t matter what you like, his songs are a worth the listen.

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