What Genre Is Khalid?

At the mere mention of ‘Khalid’, you can almost hear the soul-soothing melodies resonate.

Emerging from the heart of El Paso, Texas, is Khalid Donnel Robinson – music like a soothing whisper in the ear.

And his earthy charm and cool vibe have enamoured fans.

Khalid nurtured his lyrical genius by singing in his high school’s chorus.

Mirroring Frank Ocean and Miguel, he has chosen an unique music niche. And did you know that Khalid also collaborated with Billie Eilish?

But the question begs, what music genre does Khalid belong to?

Settle in a comfortable spot as we dive deep into Khalid’s music.

From the first note to his latest album. Let’s go over the music styles that Khalid weaves through.

Khalid’s Music Genre


Undeniably, a significant portion of Khalid’s oeuvre is grounded in the R&B genre.

Characterized by rich, smooth melodies and emotive lyrics.

The end result? Khalid’s vocals blended with soul-stirring rhythms and poetic lyricism.

Witness this R&B spirit come alive in prime examples like ‘Young Dumb & Broke’ or ‘Better’.

Khalid’s career started with ‘Location’, a song he penned when he was a high school senior.


But Khalid’s musical journey doesn’t stop at R&B. He often navigates into the world of pop-soul.

In this genre, he manages to blend soulful vocals with catchy, pop rhythms.

Imagine turning up tracks like ‘Talk’ or ‘Eastside’ on your playlist.

With each note of Khalid’s voice, you experience funky tunes and comforting beats.

These sounds merge beautifully with lyrics that resonate with common life experiences.

So, what you get is a strong foundation of R&B, mixed up with elements of pop-soul. That’s the signature Khalid genre.

Other Influences

Though R&B and pop-soul form the heart of Khalid’s music, his style doesn’t just stop there.

You can also hear whispers of hip-hop, synth-pop, and indie pop, peppered throughout diverse tracks.

Take the song ‘8TEEN’, for instance.

It stands out as a relatable anthem for listeners, showing Khalid’s style beyond R&B and pop-soul. You could say there is synth-pop and indie pop in there.

The Music Genres Across His Albums

American Teen (2017)

Khalid’s first album, American Teen, is largely influenced by R&B.

This album is known for heartfelt lyrics and vibey beats.

Popular tracks like ‘Location’ and ‘Young Dumb & Broke’ have received massive appreciation from fans.

Free Spirit (2019)

With Free Spirit, there was a progression towards a more mature, introspective sound.

This album combines pop-soul with powerful personal narratives.

This all layered with beats and relatable lyrics.

‘Talk’ and ‘Right Back’ are popular tracks from this record.


Khalid successfully fused R&B and pop-soul in most of his music.

But the charm of Khalid lies in his genre-blending.

Also stirring in influences from hip-hop to synth-pop, he creates an enjoyable music style.

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