Where To Start With Khalid: Best Albums, Ranked

The world knows him for his soothing tones and rhythmic storytelling – Khalid Robinson.

With his influential voice, he has carved out a unique niche, rising to the top in R&B.

Introduced through his debut album ‘American Teen’ in 2017, he quickly became a hit on the music scene.

Khalid’s style dances between contemporary R&B, the passionate tempos of pop, and resonant vibes of soul.

Drawing comparisons to music greats such as Frank Ocean and The Weeknd.

Anyway it’s also genuine, and relatable narratives that form the backbone of his songs. Making Khalid’s music resonate with listeners from all walks of life.

Strap on your headphones as we rank the Khalid albums and guide your playlist picks.

Khalid Albums Ranked

American Teen (2017)

Claiming the top spot is Khalid’s first, platinum-certified album, ‘American Teen’.

Launched into the spotlight in March of 2017, ‘American Teen’ was more than just an album. Blending pop and R&B, Khalid emerged with soulful vocals and lyrics way beyond his years.

With a production team including Joel Little (known for his work with Lorde), Hiko Momoji, and others.

“Location”, the third track on this 15-track album, was a key player in Khalid’s meteoric rise. Thanks to its infectious rhythm and Khalid’s smooth vocal performance.

Another standout track is, “Young Dumb & Broke”. It presents a twisted celebration of rebellious youth and the nostalgia associated with high school.

Another noteworthy track is the upbeat “8TEEN”.

Overall, ‘American Teen’ was a narrative of disillusioned yet hopeful youth.

Free Spirit (2019)

Securing second in the line-up is Khalid’s sophomore album, ‘Free Spirit’.

A window into Khalid’s growth. ‘Free Spirit’ showcases a notable departure from the youthful high school narrative.

Navigating fame, friendships, and newfound responsibilities, all while grappling with loneliness and self-doubt.

Standing out is “Talk”, a fusion of R&B and pop produced by British electronic duo Disclosure.

Songs like “Better” and “My Bad” delve into the ebbs and flows of relationships.

Meanwhile, the titular track “Free Spirit” captures the essence of the entire album. Illuminating the joys and pains of growing up while still having the carefree spirit of youth.

Suncity (2018)

Climbing to the third spot in the ranking is Khalid’s EP, ‘Suncity’.

As a release between ‘American Teen’ and ‘Free Spirit’, this seven-track EP plays a crucial role. It bridges the gap, a transition from the enthusiastic and youthful themes to the mature.

This experimental venture tests the waters with elements of Latin pop, dance hall, and nuanced R&B.

The titular track ‘Suncity’ serves as a testament to this experimentation. An infusion of dancehall vibes and Latin influence.

In “Vertigo” Khalid addresses the changes in his life and reflects on his personal journey.

As a micro-release, ‘Suncity’ underscores Khalid’s talent and creativity.

Scenic Drive (2021)

Rounding off the list is Khalid’s latest body of work, the mixtape ‘Scenic Drive’.

‘Scenic Drive’ could be named after a beautiful overlook in Khalid’s adopted hometown of El Paso.

“Present” is a engaging song from the mixtape. The track shows a central theme of the mixtape – the desire to live in the moment and appreciate the present.

The mixtape also boasts of several compelling collaboration.

Including appearances by Ari Lennox on “Scenic Drive”, Majid Jordan on “Open”, and JID on “All I Feel Is Rain”.


In conclusion, Khalid musical journey is not one to miss.

From the authentic storytelling of ‘American Teen’ to the intimate and personal ‘Scenic Drive’.

Meanwhile we eagerly wait where his music will take us next.

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