What Genre Is Hozier?

Hozier, born Andrew John Hozier-Byrne and hailing from Ireland, has made a name for himself as a rare artist who rose from true obscurity to become a global phenomenon.

He began his music career at the young age of 15 when he attended school unseriously and wrote songs as a self-taught guitarist. 

After achieving initial success with “Take Me to Church,” Hozier kept the momentum going with several albums and singles in related, yet well-defined genres.

Hozier’s Music Genres 


Rock and Hozier go together like a guitar and a pick. Hozier naturally has a rougher voice, and it lends itself well on bonafide rock tracks like “Take Me to Church.” This is the rock hit that really put Hozier on the map and it’s been a staple on rock radio for over a decade now. 

His unique style of rock is underscored by lyrics that incorporate religion and spirituality. By elevating these themes, Hozier is able to create rock tracks that stand apart from other contemporary music.


Hozier’s soul comes lyrically. “Nina Cried Power” is an album full of deep lyrics that touch on a range of topics, including politics, faith, and civil rights.

The entire album was an homage to one of soul’s most prolific queens, Nina Simone, the lyrics to the title track namecheck many other artists who contributed to the soul scene. 

“All Things End” from his album “Unreal Unearth” is a more traditional soul tune that almost has a nostalgic sound to it. A choir comes in towards the end and adds a stunning, soulful vibe to the track. And, in Hozier fashion, the lyrics contain spiritual elements. 


The blues work that emanates from Hozier is especially powerful because it’s informed by his own personal blues.

“Wasteland, Baby!” is an album that stemmed from Hozier’s experience with anxiety and his desire to unplug and disconnect from a weary world. 

For Hozier, he lets his folksy voice be the primary driver for his blues sound. His slower, more deliberate tempo on “Eat Your Young” is an excellent example of how quickly and effectively Hozier can shed his gruffer voice for something a little more soothing.


Often covered, but never replicated, Hozier has honed a distinctive style and sound that’s served him well since he made his debut. He’s one of the few solo male artists working today who has seemingly mastered multiple genres and isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

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