Where To Start With Hozier: Best Albums Ranked

Andrew Hozier-Byrne, known as Hozier, catapulted himself to fame with “Take Me to Church” in 2013.

In general he’s known for his haunting voice and deep lyrics. But his blend of indie rock, soul, and blues has earned him a steadfast place on the radio. And rightfully so.

It’s time to dive into his discography and make a personal ranking of Hozier’s albums. So let’s begin this soul-stirring journey and uncover the best Hozier album!

Hozier’s Albums Ranked

  1. Hozier (2014)
  2. Nina Cried Power (2018)
  3. Wasteland, Baby! (2019)

Hozier (2014)

The debut album of Hozier will always represent a cherished moment in indie rock history.

“Hozier” is best known for the Grammy-nominated song “Take Me to Church”. Today, this song still evokes shivers with its blend of dark themes and stirring music.

But, this album is far more than a one-hit wonder. Each track offers a glimpse into Hozier’s impressive command of melody and lyricism. From the sorrowful yet hopeful “Work Song” to the bluesy allure of “From Eden”. It stands strong today.

That’s why it takes the top spot for us.

Nina Cried Power (2018)

In second place is Hozier’s “Nina Cried Power” (EP). While it’s a shorter release than the albums, it packs a punch with four powerful tracks.

The title track, “Nina Cried Power” features the legendary Mavis Staples. It honors protest songs and artists who confronted societal issues in their works.

“NFWMB” is a dark and haunting ode to unconditional love. And “Shrike” a charged but folksy tune. Really, all tracks stand out in their own way.

This EP is a testament to Hozier’s continued growth as a musician.

Wasteland, Baby! (2019)

Hozier’s sophomore full-length album, “Wasteland, Baby!” ranks third in our list.

The album digs into themes of love, loss, and societal issues with a sense of maturity and introspection. It presents a diverse range of tracks, each offering a unique experience.

From the somber “Movement” to the catchy “Almost (Sweet Music)” and even including the politically charged “Nina Cried Power” again.

“Wasteland, Baby!” may not have replicated the immediate impact of his debut. But it further evolves Hozier’s talent and exploration for sound. This sets the stage for a promising future in the industry.


In conclusion, Hozier’s discography is an impressive collection. From his groundbreaking debut album that introduced us to his unique blend to his latest works that continue to evolve and mature. Each release presents a new facet of Hozier’s artistry.

Whether you have followed Hozier’s career from the start or are discovering him now. These ranked albums will undoubtedly leave you with a deeper appreciation for him

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