What Genre Is Halsey?

Halsey, real name Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, is a well-loved personage in the music world.

Halsey came into the scene with her first album ‘Badlands’, which came out in 2015. This album added an exciting new voice to alternative pop music.

Establishing herself as one of the essential female artists in the (alt-)pop world. Gaining recognition alongside artists such as Billie Eilish and Lorde.

But what genre is Halsey? You might ask. Well, let’s search into the musical universe of this artist.

So hold on. We’re diving into the different layers of music that make up Halsey’s music style.

Halsey’s Music Genre


The fundamental pillar of the Halsey genre can often be traced back to Electropop.

A dynamic genre characterized by the modern blend of pop tunes and electronic beats. Coursing through Halsey’s discography.

You can feel this in some of her most famous songs like ‘New Americana’ and ‘Bad at Love’. Here, the electropop theme shines and glistens.

Halsey’s distinctive voice winds through each track. Sparkling amid the electronic beat-driven soundscape.

It’s as though her vocals and the instrumentation are in a magnetic dance. Each note, every beat, intertwined.

Creating a signature Halsey sound.

Alternative Pop

Apart from Electropop, Halsey has a considerable amount of influence from alternative pop.

This genre blends different musical styles with pop. Often creating unusual musical hybrids and harmonious pairings.

For proof, look no further than Halsey’s tracks such as ‘Colors’ or ‘Now or Never’. Halsey’s lyrics are set against the backdrop of refreshingly unique pop sounds.

When exploring Halsey’s music, you can definitely say it’s a fusion of both electropop and alternative pop.

The way she fuses these genres together makes every song a joy.

Other Influences

Halsey also explores genres like indie pop, synth-pop, and trip-hop.

For instance, ‘Him & I’ with G-Eazy. This shows a more laidback, trip-hop side to her music.

And ‘You should be sad’ displays influences of country and pop-rock.

The Music Genres Across Her Albums

Badlands (2015)

Halsey’s breakthrough came with her debut album, ‘Badlands’ launched in 2015.

This album showcased her electropop and alternative pop style with high-energy tracks.

Songs like ‘New Americana’ and ‘Ghost’ defined a generation of youth and put Halsey on the music map.

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (2017)

Two years after her smashing debut, Halsey came out with ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’.

This time, she explored a more mature sound, merging her electropop style with elements of R&B.

The lyrics in this album are personal, showing a vulnerable side of Halsey.

Standout songs include ‘Now or Never’ and ‘Bad at Love’.

Manic (2020)

In 2020, Halsey shook things up with her third album, ‘Manic’.

This album marked a change in her music style, demonstrating her versatility.

From alt-pop anthem ‘Graveyard’ to the country-inspired ‘You should be sad’.

If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power (2021)

2021 marked the release of Halsey’s fourth studio album, ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’.

This album represents a turning point, dabbling in some rock and grunge even.

The record also shows a new level of storytelling with songs like ‘I am not a woman, I’m a god’ and ‘Easier than Lying’.


Halsey main genres are electropop and alternative pop.

But she easily crosses genres, crafting a discography that resonates.

What’s clear is that she is a voice that powerfully echoes across genres.

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