What Genre Is Lorde?

The name Lorde conjures up vivid imagery for many music enthusiasts.

Is it the cool envy of a 16-year-old who blew minds globally with the 2013 debut chart-topper “Royals”?

Or it’s the admiration of a seasoned songwriter? One that often colors outside the industry lines.

Her tracks have moved many. Her lyrics have reached depths. But have you taken a beat to ask – what genre is Lorde?

We’re about to dig into Lorde’s musical genres.

Buckle up as we journey through her career, from her opening acts to her latest hits.

Lorde’s General Music Genre

Indie Pop

Lorde’s music is mostly recognized as indie pop.

This genre takes the catchy parts of pop music but strays away from the common, overplayed sounds.

It’s about pushing boundaries and making music that feels real.

If you’ve heard Lorde’s famous songs like “Royals” or “Tennis Court”, you know what indie pop is about.

These tracks have everything we love about pop music, but they also get you thinking about the lyrics.

And all of this is delivered with Lorde’s unique voice and deep beats.

Art Pop

Lorde’s music also frequently draws from the genre art pop.

This kind of music takes the hooks of regular pop, then mixes in vibes from different dreamy kinds of music.

It’s known for using tech tricks to change the atmosphere of the sound.

When you listen to tunes like “Green Light” or “Perfect Places” off Lorde’s Melodrama album, you’re hearing her take on art pop.

She uses synth sounds and electronic beats, layered under deep lyrics.

It’s a standout part of her style.

Other Influences

Indie pop and art pop serve as broad buckets to categorize Lorde’s music.

But her sound is far from predictable or comfortably confined to one box.

Lorde’s work borrows elements from a spectrum of genres.

From electronic and dream pop to the raw power of rock.

An example of this is the beautiful “Yellow Flicker Beat” from The Hunger Games soundtrack.

This track showcases how Lorde weaves sound with electronic tones while punctuating it with rock.

Lorde’s Music Genre Across Her Albums

Pure Heroine (2013)

Lorde’s debut album, Pure Heroine, largely fits into the indie pop genre.

It is a critique of modern society, presented with electro and minimalistic production.

Leaving the lyrics to take center stage.

Classics from this album include “Royals” and “Team”.

Melodrama (2017)

Melodrama showcases a shift in Lorde’s music towards the art pop currents.

The album explores topics of love and heartbreak with more experimental approach to (pop?) production.

Standout tracks from this album include “Green Light” and “Perfect Places”.

Melodrama was about the good, the bad, and the healing, bundled into a narrative of personal growth.

Solar Power (2021)

Lorde’s sun-kissed third studio album, Solar Power combines indie-pop, folk-pop, and soft rock.

This album is an ode to nature, a journey away from the claustrophobic reaches of digital life.

Experimental and minimalist, Lorde trades electric sounds for acoustic waves in Solar Power.

Popular hits are “Solar Power” and “Stoned at the Nail Salon”.


In a nutshell, Lorde’s music doesn’t just stick to one style.

Instead, she takes parts from different music genres like indie pop, art pop, and rock.

From her first album, Pure Heroine, to her more recent album, Solar Power, she’s shown how she explores big things.

One thing’s for sure, her amazing way with words are always at the heart of her music.

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