What Genre Is Dua Lipa?

When talking about achieving excellence in the music industry, Dua Lipa surely didn’t come to play. 

Ever since achieving global recognition with her hit single “New Rules”, Lipa has been on a winning streak releasing repeated chart-toppers

To gain insight into the success of her smashing singles, let’s take a comprehensive view of Dua Lips’s music genre.

Dua Lipa’s Music Genres

There’s a reason why Dua Lipa is called the Club Queen

Each one of her songs can be played at a club, her music keeps the audience engaged from beginning to end. 

But Dua Lipa’s music genre is more diverse than that. 

Keep reading to discover the music genres the “One Kiss” singer targets to redefine music for her fans.


Most of Dua Lipa’s music fits into the pop music category. 

Some of her most widely recognized singles, such as “Levitating”, “Don’t Start Now”, “Physical”, “New Rules”, and more fall under the pop category. 

Pop is what Lipa does best. This can be seen with the massive public appeal each song has garnered within a short time frame.


When analyzed closely, one can figure out that a fusion of the disco genre also governs almost all of Dua Lipa’s songs labeled as pop. 

This means that Dua Lipa’s music genre is an electrifying blend of pop and disco. 

Thus further validating her title as the Queen of Clubs due to the widespread popularity her disco songs get and the audiences continuously grooving on them in the clubs.

Rhythm and Blues (R&B)

While disco and pop are the main themes in Dua Lipa’s music style, she still manages to add some variety for her fans, with frequent elements of R&B in her songs. 

This can be reflected in the pop song “Lost In Your Light”. The funky rhythms brought forward by the pop genre are stabilised with the lightness of the suave R&B beats. 

This makes songs like “Pretty Please”!

Dua Lipa Genre

How did Dua Lipa’s music style evolve?

Dua Lipa’s music genre and style have had no significant changes throughout the years. 

Thus, it is remarkable how she has managed to keep the audience hooked with her mainstream genres. 

Keep reading to see how she has experimented with the same recipe and yet has successfully made her audience fall in love with its contrasting appearances. 

Dua Lipa

The album that introduced the world to this pop sensation was titled after her own name, “Dua Lipa”. 

The album presented a superb balance between electro-pop, disco, and tropical house with elements of R&B as well. 

Not only did it give the world its official breakup anthem but also perfectly captured the essence of every stage in a relationship. 

This was the beginning of Dua Lipa’s music style, which earned her a No. 1 position on the UK charts.

Future Nostalgia

The British singer’s latest album gave her fan’s a non-stop record full of marvelously groovy and catchy songs. 

Bringing back the disco beats of the 80s and amalgamating them with futuristic pop tunes redefined Dua Lipa’s music genre and enabled her to further cement her foothold on the industry.


Dua Lipa’s range continues to expand with every record she releases, along with an insane amount of chart-topping singles that can only be pulled off by Dua Lipa’s music style and commanding vocals.

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