Where To Start With Dua Lipa: Best Albums, Ranked

One voice that needs no introduction is Dua Lipa, the pop prodigy.

Dua Lipa swiftly became a household name that challenged older music scenes. Infusing elements of pop, dance, and R&B in her style.

In an impressively short time, she broke through in mainstream media.

Also growing more mature from one album to the second.

Navigating her vibrant discography might feel like a rollercoaster ride. A blur of dazzling tracks and neons.

So, grab your most comfortable headphones.

We’re turning the volume up to eleven as we rank Dua Lipa’s albums. Offering you a guide to this pop phenomenon.

Dua Lipa Albums Ranked

Dua Lipa (2017)

Occupying first position in our ranking is Dua Lipa’s self-named debut studio album.

The ideal introduction to her musical genius. A radiant blend of pop intertwined with elements of dance music. And a vibrant narrative rich in self-expression, heartbreak, and redemption.

The standout track, “New Rules”, is an edgy soundscape that seems to pulse with life.

An anthem for young adults worldwide. Making a bold statement about self-worth and independence in relationships.

Meanwhile, “Be The One” shows off Dua Lipa’s vocal capabilities.

Framed by heart-throbbing beats, it captures the highs and lows of youthful love.

One of the hidden gems on the album is the track ‘Homesick’, featuring Chris Martin from Coldplay.

Undeniably, ‘Dua Lipa’ signifies the exciting beginning of a remarkable pop artist.

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Future Nostalgia (2020)

Not far behind in the ranking is the brilliantly executed follow-up, ‘Future Nostalgia’.

Here, she navigates a nostalgic journey back to the dance-pop of the 1980s and early 2000s. But infuses it with a bold, modern edge.

Vibrant disco-pop, punchy synthesizers, and uplifting dance beats.

Chart-topping hits are the euphoric “Don’t Start Now” and the groove-heavy “Future Nostalgia”.

There is also the sincere and heartfelt “Boys Will Be Boys” and the Latin-influenced “Levitating”.

Moreover, the album demonstrates she transitions from a rising pop sensation to a recognized pop icon.

The maturity and undeniable charm that underpin ‘Future Nostalgia’ have received accolades worldwide.

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Club Future Nostalgia (DJ Mix) (2020)

Securing the third position in this rankings list is ‘Club Future Nostalgia’. An exhilarating remix album of ‘Future Nostalgia’.

This innovative record demonstrates Dua Lipa is exploring new dimensions in her work. Delivering a relentless pulse making it virtually impossible to sit still.

Eclectic guest appearances, include iconic pop queen Madonna and rapper Missy Elliott.

Emerging as standouts are tracks like the funky remix of “Levitating” and the infectious reimagining of “Love Is Religion”.

These kept fans engaged and grooving during the quarantine.

The album also hosts a collection of high profile remixers and features. Including renowned DJ and songwriter Mark Ronson and Gwen Stefani.

In essence, ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ reflects Dua Lipa’s skill to entertain listeners in diverse ways.

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In summary, Dua Lipa’s escalation to international acclaim was not undeserved.

From her fresh start with ‘Dua Lipa’ to her latest club bangers in ‘Club Future Nostalgia’.

As her discography continues to grow, we eagerly wait to see where her musical journey takes us next.

One thing is clear: Dua Lipa’s work is a blend of pop traditions and forward-thinking dance magic.

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