What Genre is Doja Cat?

Doja Cat, real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, has become one of the defining artists of the new era.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Doja Cat was exposed to musical influences from an early age.

Debuted in 2014 with her first single “So High”.

Then, Doja Cat’s breakthrough moment came in 2018 through her humorous and quirky single “Mooo!”. This went viral.

Flamboyant costumes to dynamic performances and clever wordplay. Doja Cat is the embodiment of a creative genius.

Associated with names like SZA and Ariana Grande, Doja Cat stands tall these days.

However, questions around ‘What genre is Doja Cat?’ persist.

Let’s delve deeper to decode the intriguing meld of influences that are the Doja Cat genre.

Doja Cat’s Music Genre


The rhythm of Hip-Hop seems to be the lifeblood that Doja Cat’s her songs to life.

With a command over lyrics that’s as powerful as a big cat’s roar. Doja Cat has an undeniable skill for crafting witty rap verses that a delight to listen to.

Songs like “Boss Bitch” and “Say So” are pure alchemy where words transform into rhythmic poetry.

In these tracks, that the essence of Doja Cat’s Hip-Hop influence radiates brightly.


Sprinkled throughout Doja Cat’s discography is the sparkling Pop music.

Pop is the splash that colors the canvas of her music.

She also often collaborates with big names. Think about Post Malone and The Weeknd.

Songs such as “Juicy” and “Like That” are gleaming examples of Doja Cat’s Pop side.

Underscoring her skill for crafting chart-topping hits.

Other Influences

Doja Cat’s genre isn’t only tied to hip hop and pop.

Her music frequently tiptoes into R&B, soul, trap music, and electronic dance music.

Songs like “Streets” and “Cyber Sex” echo these various influences.

The Music Genres Across Her Albums

Amala (2018)

Doja Cat’s debut album ‘Amala,’ introduces us to her blend of hip hop, pop and R&B.

The album features key tracks like “Go to Town” and “Candy”.

Hot Pink (2019)

In 2019, Doja Cat returned with her breakthrough album, ‘Hot Pink’.

This album worked with the fundamental genres but also included elements of funk, electro-pop, and trap music.

The album’s hits “Say So” and “Juicy” turned the spotlight on Doja Cat, skyrocketing her to global fame.

Planet Her (2021)

‘Planet Her’ has diverse genres. From hip hop and dancehall to Afrobeat and dream pop.

Illustrating sounds she effortlessly commands different styles.

Tracks like “Kiss Me More”, featuring SZA, and “You Right” have been chartbusters.


At its heart, Doja Cat’s music is rooted in hip-hop and pop.

But she extends to a palette of other tastes from R&B to soul, trap, and EDM.

She thrives in bridging the gap between different music types.

Resulting in an unmissable sound.

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