What Genre Is Post Malone?

Post Malone is a 27-year-old rapper and singer who achieved mainstream success in 2015 with his song “White Iverson.”

He has cited numerous influences, including Kurt Cobain, Kid Cudi, and The Weeknd.

His music evokes disparate styles and genres. But what exactly are these?

Jump in the article to learn more about Post Malone’s music!

Post Malone’s general music genre


Post Malone is known for his hip-hop music, which is generally characterized by its mellow and laid-back vibes.

His songs typically feature gentle beats and soft raps. Clever and real lyrics are always part too.

Post Malone often incorporates elements of other music genres into his hip-hop style, such as R&B and country.

However, he once stated not to be called a rapper.

Alternative Pop

Next, Post Malone is also known for his alternative pop music style.

Alternative pop is a genre that combines elements of alternative rock and pop music, resulting in a sound that is both popular and accessible.

Post Malone’s music is a perfect example of this genre, as it has broad appeal while still retaining a unique sound.

His lyrics often focus on topics such as love and heartbreak, fame and success, as well as his own personal struggles.

These thoughtful words draw in listeners and create an emotional connection to the music.

Post Malone Music Genre

How did Post Malone’s music style develop?


Stoney is the debut studio album by Post Malone.

The music style on his album “Stoney” is recognised by its woozy, contemporary R&B-hip hop production. The album also features influence from Country and Outlaw country.

Stoney debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 and later peaked at number one on the chart.

Beerbongs & Bentleys

In Beerbongs & Bentleys Post Malone quickly proved to everyone just how versatile he is.

Where he showed great potential in Stoney, he crushed all expectations with BB&B.

A great example of an unapologetic pop rap album.

It’s hip hop, it’s pop, it’s rock&roll and the album blends all genres seamlessly throughout.

Fans state never to get tired of the album.

Hollywood’s Bleeding

Hollywood’s Bleeding is Post Malone’s third studio album.

Where his previous records where hip-hop with some pop sprinkled in – think about Better Now – Post fully turns into the pop highway with this one.

Here he has embraced the pop music style instead of going full on hip hop here.

Twelve Carat Toothache

Post wanted to go for a more dark, introspective album on “Twelve Carat Toothache.

But he stuck with some generic sounding songs to help with getting listens and performance.

The album goes from pretty deep lyrics and slower songs to an upbeat music style immediately later.

This feels a little off sometimes, but still definitely a likeable album.


Post Malone is a hip-hop and alternative pop artist who knows great success.

His unique sound and style have won him many fans, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

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