What Genre Is Bicep?

Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Bicep has taken the electronic music scene by storm. This dynamic duo, Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar, has amassed a steadfast following.

Next to a dedicated fan base they are gaining ground through genre-defying music style. But what music genres exactly define Bicep?

In this article, we will delve into the key musical influences that make up the identity of Bicep. Read on below!

Bicep’s Music Genres


House music forms a significant foundation for Bicep’s creative output. Four-on-the-floor beats and synthesized basslines are present in many of their tracks.

Their debut album, ‘Bicep’ (2017), features tracks like “Aura” and “Glue” that showcase the duo’s classic house rhythms.

Bridging the past and present of house while pushing boundaries. Fred Again‘s work resembles that of Bicep which further exemplifies their musical innovation.


Another vital component of Bicep’s music is their knack for incorporating techno influences.

Known for its repetitive beats and darker undertones, techno is heard in tracks like “Circles” and “Lyk Lyk”.

Their live performances are also awe-inspiring, leaving crowds (c)raving for more. A blend of house with an industrial edge creates atmospheres that keep fans moving.


While Bicep makes dancefloor-ready tracks, the duo also tests more experimental territories. Breakbeat, adding a distinctive flavor, also finds its way into their music.

Their 2021 album ‘Isles’ demonstrates the ability to blend in breakbeat. ‘Apricots’ features shuffling broken-beat drums, blending influences from old-school rave tunes.

Finally, their selections also incorporate elements of disco, funk, and UK garage.


In conclusion, Bicep has become synonymous with a unique brand of electronic dance music. The Belfast-born duo has made a significant impact on the electronic scene.

But today still find the emotional sweet spot time and again. With a blend of house, techno, and breakbeat, they keep audiences dancing worldwide.

Finally, a fun fact, did you know that they have their own blog named ‘Feel My Bicep‘?

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