Where To Start With Bicep: Best Albums Ranked

Bicep’s blends elements of classic house, techno, and breakbeat into dance floor-commanding amalgamation.

Comprised of Belfast-born Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar. The duo brings albums that transport listeners on an rousing journey.

With a discography that evolves, we decided it’s time to take a closer look. Ranking Bicep’s work and their albums from best to least. Without further ado, here is our list of the best Bicep albums.

Bicep’s Albums Ranked

Bicep (2017)

There’s not much doubt about it; Bicep’s self-titled debut album is their best work to date.

Released in 2017, “Bicep” showed the duo’s their creative powers. Exploring a wide range of electronic sounds and new breakbeat style. Standout tracks are “Aura” and “Glue”.

A combination of ambient soundscapes, hard-hitting techno, and emotional resonance. “Bicep” currently stand as the best Bicep album. A true must-listen for fans of electronic music.

Isles (2021)

Following the success of their debut album, Bicep returned in 2021 with “Isles”.

A refined and polished follow-up that perfected the duo’s sound of their previous album. If “Bicep” saw them planting the seeds of their, “Isles” is the blossoming flower.

“Isles” features tracks like “Atlas”, “Apricots” and “Saku”. Taking inspiration from their global travels and the performances across the world.

It exhibits the duo’s growth, both as producers and musicians. Though it doesn’t quite dethrone “Bicep” for us, “Isles” is a worthy successor and second effort.

Just EP (2015)

Before they released albums, Bicep started making waves with their “Just EP”. Released in 2015, this four-track collection contains hypnotic electronic beats.

A true representation of their early sound, “Just EP” is an essential listen for fans who want to trace Bicep’s artistic development

With tracks like “Just” and “Celeste”, this EP is a testament to churn out dance floor-fillers. All while maintaining a timeless charm.

While it may not be as fleshed out as the albums, “Just EP” remains an important part of Bicep’s discography.

Vision Of Love (2013)

We’re taking it back to where it all began with one of Bicep’s first EPs, “Vision Of Love”.

In 2013, this three-track EP made a significant impact from the get-go. Its lead single, the infectious “Vision Of Love,” became a dance floor anthem. It earned them a fanbase eager for more.

Next featuring track “Keep Keep”, “Vision Of Love” showed Bicep’s emerging talent. It’s a fascinating glimpse into their early days and definitely worth the listen.


In conclusion, ranking Bicep’s albums is no easy task, given their relentless creativity.

The self-titled album ‘Bicep’ still stands strong as the best Bicep album. And with the success of ‘Isles’ and the lasting impact of their earlier EPs, we can’t wait to see where Bicep takes us next.

If you haven’t given these albums a listen yet, don’t wait any longer. Dive into Bicep’s world!

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