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Taylor Swift – Her Music Genre, Musical Evolution and More!

From Pennsylvania farm girl to international music phenomenon. She needs no introduction anymore. Of course, We all know Taylor Swift! She is one of the biggest pop stars of the current generation. She’s ruling the music industry since the late-2000s. And she has effectively opened the gates in a new era of music style. Yet…

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What Genre is Phoebe Bridgers?

Phoebe Bridgers, rose to fame after her first album, “Stranger in the Alps” released in 2017. Bridgers’ music is known for being deep and introspective. Filled with honest reflections about her own experiences and feelings. As frequent collaborator, she has worked with artists like Taylor Swift, SZA, and The National. Even with her journey into…

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What Genre is Clairo?

Clairo began her reign on the internet music scene in 2017. Claire Cottrill, has been suprising listeners with her emotion-driven tunes. And from quite an early age. It was the release of her lo-fi single “Pretty Girl” that pushed Clairo into the spotlight. Sharing the realm with talented figures such as Maggie Rogers and Phoebe…

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