What Genre is Tove Lo?

Born Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson. Known to the world as Tove Lo – she’s a music star who knows how to leave an impression.

Emerging from the rich culture of Stockholm, Sweden. Tove Lo didn’t waste any time making a name for herself in the global music scene.

She stepped into the spotlight in 2012 with her debut single “Love Ballad”. But it was her 2013 hit, “Habits (Stay High)”, that put her name on the map.

Honest lyrics and her powerful voice combined with some beats, became Tove Lo’s signature.

She can be placed alongside those of big names like Lorde and Ellie Goulding.

Still, there are ongoing questions: ‘What genre is Tove Lo?’

So, let’s decode the 50 shades of music that make up Tove Lo’s sound.

Tove Lo’s Music Genre


Pop is the golden thread that ties Tove Lo’s music together.

It’s the fuel that powers her lyrical storytelling.

Alongside solo tracks, she often collaborates with other prominent artists such as Coldplay and Charli XCX.

Songs such as “Talking Body” and “Cool Girl” radiate the Pop elements Tove Lo is chosen for.

These songs underscore Tove Lo’s power to spinning pop gold into popular hits.

Electro Pop

Tove Lo adds voltage to her pop by fusing in electropop.

She’s a master at blending electronic beats with sticky-sweet melodies.

Tracks like “Habits (Stay High)” and “True Disaster” crackle Tove Lo’s electropop flair.

The fusion gives it an extra dimension beyond straight up pop.

When it comes to mixing pop and electronica, Tove Lo knows.

Other Influences

Tove Lo’s music genre isn’t all only pop.

She often veers her sound into indie pop, bubblegum pop and alternative lanes.

A track like “Stranger” exemplifies Tove Lo’s indie and alt inspirations.

These flavors give her music an off-the-beaten-path vibe.

Tove Lo keeps it fresh by blending pop with outside-the-box genre

The Music Genres Across Her Albums

Queen of the Clouds (2014)

‘Queen of the Clouds’ marked Tove Lo’s debut onto the music scene.

The album showed her fusing pop and synth-pop into a singular style.

Songs like “Habits (Stay High)” with its raw lyrics and “Not on Drugs” with its dance beats. With its frank exploration of sexuality and heartbreak.

‘Queen of the Clouds’ announced the arrival of a bold new voice in pop music.

Lady Wood (2016)

With her sophomore album ‘Lady Wood’, Tove Lo expanded her boundaries.

Still staying true to her signature pop and electronic styles but the album took an experimental turn.

Songs like the moody “True Disaster” and the hypnotic “Cool Girl” displayed this.

Sunshine Kitty (2019)

This album took elements from dance, disco and new wave.

Upbeat tracks like “Glad He’s Gone” and retro-tinged “Sweettalk My Heart” became instant hits.

Showing Tove Lo’s ability to navigate various musical styles.

Dirt Femme (2022)

With her album Dirt Femme released in 2022, Tove Lo continues to show her artistic range.

As promotion, she released an acoustic EP of the album.

Tracks like “No One Dies from Love” and the tinged “How Long” display Tove Lo’s ongoing musical evolution.


Pop and electropop form the core of Tove Lo’s musical DNA. But that’s not the full picture.

She also embraces influences across the spectrum, from indie edges to alternative vibes.

Her musical alchemy has crafted an hypnotic sound.

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