What Genre Is Shakira?

Shakira (Shakiraaa) has been an industry titan for the better part of three decades now. Her unique voice, coupled with her stunning beauty, has launched her to stardom and kept her there long after most artists’ lights have burned out.

She’s been in the same longer than some of her contemporaries have been alive, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Shakira’s Music Genres


Shakira is a product of Colombia, full stop. And her music couldn’t be more infused with Latin vibes. 

Her album “Dónde Están Los Ladrones” is deeply rooted in the Latin sound, with light guitars and trumpets punctuating her Spanish vocals. 

Like most of her work, Shakira’s contributions to the Latin genre also come complete with a side of rock.


To be sure, Shakira is also just a straight-up pop diva. 

“Hips Don’t Lie” and “Whenever, Wherever” are both true bops that enjoyed much commercial success. 

Her approach to pop is marked by a mystique that precludes it from being considered commercialized bubblegum pop. “Beautiful Liar,” her uber-successful track with Beyoncé, is a great example of the edgy, raw undertones that can be found throughout most of her work in this genre. 

Shakira’s pop stands out because whether it’s a solo piece or she’s collaborating with another artist, she always manages to work in some of her Latin Americanness, either through sneaking in some Spanish vocals or just doing her thing with her accent on full volume.


Shakira is, was, and ever will be a rockstar. 

“Underneath Your Clothes” is a soft rock ballad with sentimental, if not a little curious, lyrics written by Shakira herself. This is a slower-paced track that still checks all the boxes of a rock song, with the prominent guitar and at impassioned vocals. 

Another rock tune from the Colombian legend is “Objection.” It’s a far more aggressive track that’s likely better classified as Latin Rock, to be specific. 

It’s an upbeat, fun song that almost blurs the line into surf rock category with those tropic strings laced throughout.


She’s won Grammys, She’s won a spot performing at the Super Bowl, and she’s so far won her bid to stay out of jail while awaiting tax fraud charges…

No matter what’s going on with the Colombian superstar, she’s always at the top of her game and ready to serve bop after bop in a range of genres. Vamonos, Shakira! 

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