What Genre Is Selena Gomez?

When you hear the name Selena Gomez, what images come to mind?

Perhaps the young woman who started her career through Disney’s ‘Wizards of Waverly Place.’

Or as the philanthropist advocated for causes close to her heart.

Undeniably at the core of it all, lies her music that continues to make waves with each new release.

But have you ever asked yourself, what genre is Selena Gomez?

In this article, we will dive into her music genres.

We will also discuss how her music style changed from her her earliest albums to her recent releases.

Selena Gomez’s general music genre


Selena Gomez’s music primarily fits within the framework of pop music.

The pop elements form the cornerstone of her style. Often acting as the foundation upon which her tracks are built.

Indeed, a significant chunk of Selena’s discography comprises relatable lyrics and power-packed vocals.

A journey through her discography offers ample pop elements.

Think about the ultra-catchy ‘Love You Like A Love Song’. Or the anthemic ‘Come & Get It’.

These songs bring to mind similar chart-topping pop artists like Ariana Grande.

Electropop and Dance-Pop

A significant number of Selena’s songs also feature elements of electropop and dance-pop. These genres fuse electronic beats with pop structures.

And Selena’s exploration in these spaces has given her music a fresh dimension.

Particularly the earlier albums have delivered electropop and dance-pop hits.

Ones that have kept her listeners moving and grooving.

In songs like ‘Naturally’ and ‘A Year Without Rain,’ you can notice the synth-driven beats and dance-friendly rhythms.

And it’s not hard to glimpse parallels between her songs and works of other artists like Katy Perry.

Other Influences

Selena Gomez’s genre experimentation doesn’t stop there.

She isn’t afraid to incorporate from R&B, EDM, and Trap to enrich her repertoire. Akin to the style of artists such as The Weeknd and Cardi B.

Furthermore, her tracks like ‘Good For You’ and ‘Bad Liar’ have strong R&B and Trap influences.

Selena’s music is universally relatable.

Whether you’re looking for a high-energy dance number or soul-stirring melody.

Her music caters to diverse moods and settings.

The music genre of each Selena Gomez album

Kiss & Tell (2009)

Kiss & Tell, the debut album of Selena Gomez & the Scene, is a blend of pop-rock and electro-pop.

The lyrics reflect youthful energy while touching on themes of love and growth.

They offer fans a glimpse into the life and emotions of the young artist on the rise.

Standout tracks are ‘Naturally’ and ‘Falling Down’.

A Year Without Rain (2010)

A Year Without Rain reflects a departure from their previous pop-rock style. Now embracing electro-dance elements.

Lyrically, the songs balance youthful exuberance with emotional depth.

The popular tracks are ‘A Year Without Rain’ and ‘Round & Round’.

When the Sun Goes Down (2011)

Selena Gomez’s third studio album traverses through a myriad of genres.

Going from pop-rock to electro-dance, and it even flirts with elements of synth-pop.

The songs discuss themes of love, freedom, and the pain of heartbreak.

Tracks that shine through are ‘Love You Like A Love Song’ and ‘Who Says’.

Stars Dance (2013)

Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance is her first solo album.

It demonstrates a bold move into electropop and EDM. But while maintaining the pop-centric focus that has become her signature.

It brings forward a more grown-up version of Gomez.

The hits are ‘Come & Get It’ and ‘Slow Down’.

Revival (2015)

In Revival, Selena Gomez stays in genres like dance-pop and electropop, while also making room for R&B and soul.

The songs in this album showcase a narrative of self-care, healing, and empowerment. It reflects Selena’s personal journeys and trials.

Notable tracks, rich with emotion include ‘Same Old Love’ and ‘Good for You’.

Rare (2020)

Rare takes a multifaceted approach!

We hear with of pop, electro-pop, and dance-pop, infused with occasional hints of R&B and disco.

Key tracks that explore themes of self-acceptance include the ‘Lose You to Love Me’ and ‘Look At Her Now’.


In conclusion, Selena Gomez has constantly evolved as an artist.

From her early days pop and youthful pop-rock, to exploration of electropop and even R&B.

And it’s her willingness to experiment with different genres makes her a true pop icon in her own right.

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