What music genre is Placebo?

Placebo is an English rock band, who play their own instruments as well. Their unique sound is made all the more prominent by their themes which range on pertinent issues such as sexuality, gender, and mental health.

In this article, we will be discussing the general music genre of Placebo. Then, we will take on the music genre of Placebo per album.

Placebo’s general music genre

In a very broad sense, the genre of music by Placebo is rock and alternative. If we look deeper into their discography, we will see that they have explored many genres across their careers, such as pop-punk, electronic rock, glam rock, gothic rock, and industrial rock.

Placebo has also been influenced by many great musicians, as they have stated. Some of the most prominent among them are bands like Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Pixies, and other solo artists like David Bowie and PJ Harvey.

Placebo’s music genre per album

Placebo (1996)

The debut studio album of Placebo consisted of ten tracks initially. It was re-released later in 2006 with additional tracks. The genre of this album is alternative rock and punk-pop. Some of the singles from this album include Come Home and Teenage Angst.

Without You I’m Nothing (1998)

The genre of this album is alternative rock and pop-rock. Its sound is more mellow and mild than Placebo’s previous album. The themes and lyrics explored in the album are personal and reflect the members’ private lives, such as their friendships and romance.

The album was also followed by a tour. It consists of songs like Pure Morning and Every You Every Me.

Black Market Music (2000)

This third studio album of Placebo is categorized as having an alternative rock genre. Four singles were released as a part of the album, including Black-Eyed and Tate in Men. The album was dedicated to the music publicist Scott Piering who had passed away from cancer earlier in the year.

Sleeping with Ghosts (2003)

The music genre of Placebo in Sleeping with Ghosts is alternative rock and indie alternative. The Japanese edition of the album contained the bonus tracks Evalia and Drink You Pretty.

There were special editions of the album as well as European release bonus tracks. The album explores melancholic aspects of relationships.

Meds (2006)

This next album from Placebo still had their dominating alternative rock sound and explored with more electronic sounds and instrumentals. One of the most prominent themes in the album includes the effects of drinking. It contains the eponymous single called Meds as the opening track.

Battle for the Sun (2009)

In Battle for the Sun, listeners were once again treated to the band experimenting with various instruments such as trumpets, saxophones, and electric guitars. The music genre of this album can be broadly classified as alternative rock.

Loud Like Love (2013)

This has been the last album from the band, although one is soon to come in March 2022. The music genre of this album is rock. It deals with themes of love, heartbreak, and such.

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