What Genre Is Morgan Wallen?

It’s easy to think that all country music sounds the same.

And to be fair, it usually is some blend of “my wife left and my dog died”. But artists like Morgan Wallen are out here proving that there are distinct flavors to country music if you listen closely enough.

Morgan has only been around in earnest for a few years, yet he’s come to dominate the many stripes of country music. 

Morgan Wallen’s Music Genres


Starting with the basics, Morgan is pure country. This is a genre marked by guitars and banjos as the primary instrumentation. 

Additionally, storytelling takes center stage in country music. Country music tends to evoke emotionally-charged, nostalgic feelings that make the listener feel like they’re back home on the ranch. 

“Thought You Should Know” is a classic country ballad. It prominently features the guitar and, lyrically, it tells a beautiful story that’s masterfully woven between the strings.

Pop country

Pop country was specifically engineered to reach a wider audience by combining the best elements of country and pop music. The result is a more upbeat, often danceable track with lyrics telling much lighter stories. 

Like Shania Twain before him, Morgan is carving out his own path in pop country music. “Chasing You” is a prime pop country offering that’s just enough pop and just enough country.

And, staying true to the original intent of the genre, Morgan’s songs in this space are incredibly catching and have garnered significant attention thanks to their usage on social media apps. 


Bro-country is essentially what the name implies: Country, for the boys. The key traits of this sub-genre are still those storied lyrics, but this time the music takes on a more electronic, modernized feel. 

Morgan’s “You Proof” embodies the bro-country genre quite well. It’s got coyish lyrics and a beat that’s accented by techno sounds.

It’s important to note that the introduction of bro-country in the 2010s marked a departure away from the older generation of country stars, so Morgan, at his spry age, fits right in with this crowd.


Morgan Wallen is still a young guy with nearly unlimited potential. He’s already racked up an impressive number of hits and awards within the country music industry, and it’s clear he’s looking to continue making a name for himself. 

From Loretta Lynn to Luke Bryan, Morgan has plenty of heroes to shape him as he makes his own way in country music. 

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