What Genre Is Justin Bieber?

Few artists have reinvented themselves as many times as Justin Bieber.

Tween idol to bad boy to pretty normal guy who makes some pretty good music.

Justin’s rocket to stardom happened at such a young age that he’s had plenty of time to explore various genres. Justin might have started out squeaky clean, but he’s since tested the limits of music (and at times, the law…). 

Justin Bieber’s Music Genres


Many rushed to crown the then 15-year-old Justin as the new King of Pop when her burst on the music scene, however, Prince may be a more appropriate title for now. 

No matter what you call him, you can’t deny that Justin Bieber was one of the defining pop voices of the 2010s. “Baby” was a radio darling, with its repetitive and simplistic nature. 

Lyrically kitschy with unrelenting beats, Justin’s early pop was certainly of the bubblegum flavor.

Electronic Dance Music

Shortly after he made his debut as a pop star, Justin took a turn into EDM. 

Songs like “Where Are U Now” were bolstered by the accompaniment of established EDM stars Skrillex and Diplo. 

“Beauty and a Beat” is a fun EDM track with clever lyrics and a rap section that provided a nice break in the beat and reminded us to keep an eye out for Selener. 

Justin’s EDM sound marks the natural maturity Justin was experiencing as he entered his 20s, and the songs were still quite heavily produced but did get more lyrically complex. 


By 2020, Justin was on his way to evolving his sound once again. This time, he took a venture into Gospel music and became involved in several faith organizations. 

His album “Freedom” was released in 2021, and it’s still pretty techno in nature but is much slower-paced than his previous work in other genres. 

A key difference in Justin’s Gospel work is that his vocals take center stage.

His voice in other genres is often drowned out by music that’s usually quite synthetic and imposing. With Gospel, Justin lets his natural notes shine with little autotune involved.


He’s not making headlines for anything outrageous these days, but Justin Bieber is still making bops.

No longer a teen pop star, Justin has been on a journey to find himself through his music, and he’s taking us all on the ride with him. 

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