What Genre Is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the United Kingdom.

He initially rose to fame as part of the popular boyband One Direction, with whom he released five studio albums and toured extensively worldwide.

In 2016, Styles started his solo career and has released three highly successful albums since then.

Harry Styles’ general music genre

Styles’ musical genre has varied throughout his career but has generally been identified as pop rock.

His self-titled debut album was a mix of traditional pop, rock, soul, and funk elements while his second album ‘Fine Line’ is more rooted in electro-pop with hints of folk and psychedelic rock.

Harry Styles often brings in some more experimental and surprising sonic directions, such as the synth-pop elements that can be found in his single “Adore You”.

He is popular with fans of all musical genres, from pop and rock to soul.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting, Harry Styles is definitely worth checking out!

What are some of the best Harry Styles songs?

A few of Harry Styles’ most popular songs include “Sign of the Times” from the album “Harry Styles” and “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You” from the album “Fine Line”. Next, “Late Night Talking” and “As It Was” from the album “Harry’s House”.

He has produced a number of chart-topping singles and albums that have earned him international fame and success.

His signature style is melancholic melodies mixed with upbeat sounds and beautiful ballads.

These five tracks are a great place to start if you’re looking for the best of Harry Styles’ music. Enjoy!

Harry Styles Genre

Who are some of Harry Styles’ musical influences?

Harry Styles has cited a variety of musicians as influences on his music. For example The Beatles and Stevie Nicks. He has also commented that he was heavily influenced by the works of David Bowie and Elvis Presley.

Styles has frequently spoken about his admiration for iconic singer-songwriters like Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, and Lauryn Hill.

He looks to them for inspiration when it comes to his own music, drawing influence from their lyrics, their melodies, and the way in which they craft a story.


Harry Styles’ work spans multiple genres, including rock, pop, R&B, and soul. He frequently blends these musical styles together which showcases his diverse influences.

No matter what genre Harry Styles puts his own stamp on, you can always count on it being an entertaining and inspiring listening experience.

It’s no wonder that he is becoming one of the most popular musicians of our time!

This was just some background information about Harry Styles’ genre and influences. We hope you learned something new about the artist!

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