What Genre is Gracie Abrams?

Gracie Abrams is a rising star.

She represents the essence of the millennial generation.

Born in New York and raised in the creativeness of her family’s acting and filmmaking roots. Abrams was early on destined to walk an artistic path.

She stepped onto the music scene in 2019, showing the world her debut single “Mean It”.

Yet, it was in 2020 when Abrams rattled the hearts of many with her relatable song “I miss you, I’m sorry”.

Abrams’ music tells narratives that touch the listener. Often paralleled with Julia Michaels and Billie Eilish.

Meanwhile, the question ‘what genre is Gracie Abrams?’ emerges.

Let’s explore together the influences and nuances that shape Gracie’s music.

Gracie Abrams’ Music Genre


An major pulse in the music of Gracie Abrams is Indie Pop.

She pens lyrics rich with emotion and pairs them with a unique vocal style.

Tracks such as “21” and “Stay”, show Abrams’ talent for narrative-driven Indie Pop songs.


Gracie Abrams also borrows elements of mainstream Pop. Adding vibrant dynamics to her music.

Songs like “Friend” and “Under / Over” dance on Pop beats. These tend to stick with listeners long after the track has ended.

Abrams definitely has the ability to create infectious singalongs.

Other Influences

Indie and Pop form the foundation. But Gracie’s genre ventures into folk, synth-pop, and alternative music tpp/

Witness this in tracks such as “Brush Fire” and “Long Sleeves”.

Demonstrating musical skill which combines these varied influences.

The Music Genres Across Her Albums

minor (2020)

Gracie Abrams showed herself with her debut single ‘minor’.

This compilation sews together an unique blend of indie, pop, and folk.

Tracks like “I miss you, I’m sorry” and “minor” offer listeners a beautiful story.

This Is What it Feels Like (2021)

In 2021, she expanded her musical canvas with the EP ‘This Is What it Feels Like’.

Here she includes elements of synth-pop and alternative music. But Abrams continued to tell her relatable stories.

Hits such as “Feels Like” and ‘The Bottom” set her apart, creating her reputation as a talent to watch.

Good Riddance (2023)

Gracie came into 2023 with an strong spirit. She released her latest and first official album, ‘Good Riddance’.

Flirting more boldly with genres such as synthy dream-pop and contemporary folk. A daring expansion of her normal style. This project reflects Abrams’ evolution as an artist.

Popular hits are “I know it won’t work” and “Where do we go now?”.


Gracie Abrams’ music dances between indie and pop.

Yet she doesn’t shy away from other genres like folk, synth-pop, and alternative music.

Her refreshing ability to blend various influences make her a new musical voice to watch.

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