What Genre Is Frank Sinatra?

You’d recognize that crooner anywhere. Frank Sinatra has such an iconic voice that you never have to ask, “Hey Siri, who sings this song?” when one of those laidback tracks comes on.

Sinatra was essentially the epitome of 40s, 50s, and 60s music scenes, so his lengthy body of work almost knows no bounds. 

Frank Sinatra Music Genres

Classic Pop

Sinatra wasn’t dishing out the bubblegum pop you hear on the radio today, nor can he claim the title of King of Pop, an honorific rightly reserved for Michael Jackson

Instead, Sinatra trafficked in classic or traditional pop, which was the precursor to rock and roll and was a genre marked by heavy reliance on string sections and vocal accompaniment. 

“Summer Wind” and “Come Fly With Me” are two examples of this genre. Both blend easy listening and jazz vibes to create a sound that’s in the beautiful in-between. 


Step into any swanky 1960s club and you’d see people cuttin’ it up on the dancefloor to Sinatra’s swing. 

“You Make Me Feel So Young” is one of Sinatra’s most swingable tracks. The uptempo offers nearly no chance to stand still, and the pulsating wind section adds a flair to it that just beckons listeners to step to the beat. 

Lyrically, this song is just as light and free as it is musically. The swing genre is full of fun, coquettish lyrics, so lines like “I wanna go and bounce the moon just like a toy balloon” fit the bill perfectly. 

Big Band

While Sinatra was largely a one-man act, he usually was accompanied by a sea of instruments making up the music ensemble known as big band. Big band music is often jazz played by an assortment of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, pianos and bass guitars. 

Sinatra’s studio recordings capture his work in the big band style, but perhaps nothing really showcases this style quite like his episode of “Live at the Hollywood Palace” with Count Basie’s orchestra. 

“Please Be Kind” is a great example of how Sinatra’s vocals stand apart from the instrumentals until the outro, when they both melt into one to bring the song home. 


He’s been long gone, but Frank Sinatra’s work really will live forever. Many artists have tried to emulate his vocals and add their own twists to his classics. 

None have been successful at replicating his voice, and they only make it clear that there’s nothing better than simply Sinatra. 

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