What Genre Is Elton John?

Reginald Kenneth Dwight, more famously known by his stage name, Elton John, boasts an unparalleled music career. 

His flamboyant style wasn’t the only attribute that set him apart.

His tendency to play the piano in a guitar-focused era and formulating seemingly unimaginable combinations of genres were prime reasons for Elton John’s success.

Let’s dive deeper into some of Elton John’s music genres and the evolution of his buoyant career.

Elton John’s Music Genres

To say that Elton John had a magnificent career would be an understatement for a singer who sold more than 300 million records. 

A major reason why the audience went ballistic over his songs was that he gave them something they had never heard before. 

He made this happen by taking inspiration from some of the most phenomenal genres, and braiding them into his songs. 

A few examples of Elton John’s music genres include:

Pop and Ballads

Even with an easy-listening genre like pop Elton John crafted it together with ballads. 

This partnership  takes center-stage on records such as “Your Song” and “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”.

Another song that blended two genres was “Candle in The Wind.” 

It was dedicated to mourning the death of Princess Diana and was not only the most successful pop song of his career but also in the history of pop songs.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Elton John’s music style showcased large contributions from the rock ‘n’ roll genre, streamlining the extroverted, energetic, and electrifying music dynamic. 

Being the first one to bring together the jazz of an electric guitar and the rhythms of an acoustic piano, Elton John gave rock ‘n’ roll a whole new perspective.

Country Rock

Country rock models inspired the early stages of Elton John’s music career. They influenced his style heavily when he made his debut. 

Through most of his songs in the early 1970s, Elton John paid homage to country singers such as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. 

Elton John genre

How Did Elton John’s Music Style Evolve?

Although Elton John made his music debut several years ago, his songs have left a powerful legacy behind and they are still cult favorites. 

Elton John’s music genre has seen some significant changes over the years. 

Still, his die-hard fans have always welcomed any music he has released over the years with open arms. 

Keep reading to take a peep into the evolution of his career.

Madman Across The Waters

The ’70s were governed by a mesh of piano, guitar rhythms, and beats. Each Elton John song featured these elements at the time. 

Elton John’s music style during the Madman Across The Waters release was presented in the form of harmonic vocals and genres influenced by blues and gospel additions.

Too Low For Zerohas

It was in this era of his music that Elton John’s music genre shifted from acoustic piano to electric piano pulse. 

The shift was accented in his album Too Low For Zerohas, which gained the accreditation of being one of his biggest hits.

Made In England

With his 1995 album Made In England, Elton John entered the era of romance and orchestral music. 

This can be seen in the album’s hit single “Believe” a majestic song that became known as a powerful ballad by People’s Magazine critics. 


While Elton John’s career may end soon, his songs will surely live on longer than most of us will!

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