What Genre is Clairo?

Clairo began her reign on the internet music scene in 2017.

Claire Cottrill, has been suprising listeners with her emotion-driven tunes. And from quite an early age.

It was the release of her lo-fi single “Pretty Girl” that pushed Clairo into the spotlight.

Sharing the realm with talented figures such as Maggie Rogers and Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo is cemeting her place.

This often bubbles the question, ‘What genre is Clairo?’ to surface.

Let’s discover her melodic universe and unravel the tones that shape Clairo’s music.

Clairo’s Music Genre

Bedroom Pop

Bedroom Pop forms the core of Clairo’s extensive musical work. That’s where she started.

She uses her emotive voice to command the listener’s attention. And pairs it with her talent for lyrics that connect on diverse levels.

Clairo has a feeling for tracks that radiate rawness and appeal to the sensitive facets of the heart.

Examples such as “Flaming Hot Cheetos” and “4EVER” manifest her bedroom pop style.

Through these pieces, you can feel Clairo’s deep-rooted love for music that’s chill, and authentic.

Indie Pop

Incorporated within Clairo’s sound, there’s a rich infusion of Indie Pop.

This genre brings forth an added depth, giving her music a fresh dimension.

Collaborations with artists such as Mura Masa only echo her skill.

Tracks like “Bags” and “Sofia” testify to Clairo’s ability to stand her ground in the indie scene.

They resonate as crowd favorites.

Other Influences

Clairo doesn’t just stop at bedroom and indie pop.

She transverse through airy electronic, and the rhythmic thrum of lo-fi music. She surprises listeners with stepping into lively dance-pop music.

Songs like “Alewife” and “North” show Clairo’s unlimited musical inspiration.

The Music Genres Across Her Albums

diary 001 (2018)

Clairo’s debut EP ‘diary 001’ couples together the sounds of bedroom pop and synth-pop.

Standout works in this album are “Flaming Hot Cheetos” and “4EVER”.

Immunity (2019)

Clairo’s first full-length album is ‘Immunity’.

Blending her beloved bedroom pop and indie styles.

The album also shows her elements of dream-pop.

This album contains signature tracks like “Bags” and “Sofia”.

Sling (2021)

Clairo’s latest album, ‘Sling’, has seen her going into folk-pop. Somewhat a departure from her earlier work.

Representative tracks like “Blouse” and “Amoeba” have wowed listeners with their delicate richness.


In essence, Clairo’s sound stands on a base of bedroom and indie pop.

However, she isn’t restricted to these alone. She fearlessly explores a range of different genres like electronic, lo-fi, and folk-pop.

The end product? Incredible tunes that leave listeners satisfied.

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