What Genre Is BTS?

In just a few short years, Korean K-pop band BTS has amassed a horde of screaming fans that would rival the Beatles in their heyday.

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a band consisting of a group of young men from South Korea who have taken the music industry by storm.

While they are most noted for their k-pop tracks, BTS has experimented with a few different genres over the years, all to the thrill of their loyal fan base. 

BTS’s music genres


BTS manufactures songs that are straight out of the k-pop machine factory. 

“Dynamite” and “Butter” are two more recent hits that really put BTS on the pop map. 

Both songs are great examples of the genre because the beat is infectiously catchy while the lyrics borderline on sometimes non-sensical, but always fun. 

BTS has done much to advance the popularity of Korean pop – or K-pop –  around the world, introducing countless fans to its shiny, sleek commerciality.

Hip Hop

Like many other artists, BTS’s early career consisted of hip-hop tracks that would define their humble beginnings. 

“Hip Hop Phile” is an aptly named tune that’s heavily centered around the pulsing, fast-paced rap sections. 

BTS’s hip-hop vibe is classic in the sense that it relies on the use of the synthesizer to create an electronic beat that’s overlaid with hearty rap verses. 

Even though BTS has moved away from being strictly hip-hop, it hasn’t left the band as they’ve incorporated this sound into their subsequent works. 


BTS doesn’t do many R&B songs, but when they do, they do it right. 

“House of Cards” is a slower, sultrier track that does a great job of blending needy-sounding vocals with some stunning instrumentals. 

Other songs like “I Like It” pair the R&B concept with rap, giving it a very early 2000s feel. 

While many of their R&B songs sound like they came out a few decades too late, BTS also has plenty of tracks in this genre that fit right in with today’s R&B selection.


BTS’s cult following has only grown in recent years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. 

The group may have been many people’s first foray into the world of K-pop, but true fans know that BTS has a long history of putting out works that cross genres. 

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