What Genre Is Bruce Springsteen?

When redefining music becomes a relevant discussion, no conversation can pass through without mentioning Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce Springsteen is a rock ‘n’ roll admirer by heart, while his lyrics delve deep into beautifully witty poetry. 

The “Jack of All Trades” singer characterised mainstream American rock in the later years of the 20th century with the release of his iconic songs that were listened to on a loop by people worldwide.

Let’s take a look at Bruce Springsteen’s music genres that enabled him to expand his fame and acquire a place in the hearts of every American rock fan.

Bruce Springsteen’s music genres


Rock itself contains numerous sub-categories. However, most singers only touch the more mainstream categories of rock. 

As a zealous follower of rock, Bruce Springsteen paid tribute to several rock categories such as rock, heartland rock, roots rock, folk rock, and more. 

You’ll see him do it often on his hit singles, such as “Born to Run”, “Shake Rattle and Roll”, and “She’s the One”. 


Formulating a combination of rhythm and blues with gospel and country music gave birth to Bruce Springsteen’s rockabilly. 

It kickstarted an era of modern rock ‘n’ roll and that in turn also unlocked a new door for Bruce Springsteen to expand his genres.

Some prime example of rockabilly in Bruce Springsteen’s music style are songs like “Something in the Night”, “Candy’s Room”, and “Streets of Fire”.

Classic Rock

Bruce Springsteen showcased his musical genius by encompassing the psychedelic rhythms from the 60s, album-oriented rock from the 70s, and heavy metal rock, creating the perfect melody of classic rock showcased in his song.

This is portrayed in his guitar-driven classics such as “Tougher Than The Rest”, “The River”, and “If I Should Fall Behind”.

Bruce Springsteen Genre

How did Bruce Springsteen’s music style evolve?

If you’re looking for electric performances and ambient music, Bruce Springsteen’s music has everything you seek. 

From 1972 onwards, when he first stepped foot into the music industry till now, Bruce Springsteen has managed to deliver song after song.

Let’s see how these ditties have changed over the decades of his magnificent career.

Greetings From Asbury Park

Greetings from Asbury Park is a powerful album packed with wild beats, humorous rhymes, and imaginative lyrics.

The rock-focused appeal of this album and the fiery songs it contained established Bruce Springsteen as America’s favorite rock musician.

Only The Strong Survive

After a significant career concentrating on varying rock music themes, Bruce Springsteen is taking a break from the blaring beats of rock ‘n’ roll. 

With his new album, “Only The Strong Survive”, Bruce is shifting towards soul and R&B music. 

These songs hold the promise of comfortable and joyous melodies. Most of these songs are covers paying tribute to the prominent singers of Springsteen’s time.

This makes the album an event that’s highly anticipated by his fans, who are eager to listen to their favorite artist’s renditions of the famous classics they grew up with.


Although he debuted through stage-playing, Bruce Springsteen’s music style has established him as an arena rock star whose contributions to music will forever be celebrated in the years to come.

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