What Genre is Beach House?

Beach House, comprising Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, are an American duo who have been in the music scene since their debut album in 2006. They met in Baltimore’s indie-rock scene and immediately connected musically.

Here, we will explain what the music genre of Beach House is. Next, we will dive deeper into the genre they explored per album.

Beach House’s general music genre

The music genre of Beach House is usually generalized into dream pop. However, they have touched upon several other genres along the way of their discography. Their songs often contain lo-fi, indie pop, and shoegazing elements too.

Beach House has stated several musicians as their influences which sometimes are distant from their signature sound. For example, Alex scally has stated, among others, to be influenced by Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. At the same time, all the early soul and rock n’ roll from the ’50s and ’60s like The Doors.

Beach House has also influenced several prominent artists in recent times, including The Chainsmokers and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips.

Beach House’s music genre per album

Beach House (2006)

This self-titled album was the debut album for the duo. The genres in this album have been stated as indie pop and shoegazing. There are upbeat as well as more melancholic tunes in this album.

Beach House was released on 3 October 2006. The album was included at number sixteen in Pitchfork’s list of the best albums of 2006.

Fans have stated the album is spiritualized, even cute, and with a Slowdive vibe.

The most popular tracks of Beach House’s album Beach House are ‘Saltwater‘ and ‘Master of None‘.

Devotion (2008)

The musical genres explored on Beach House’s Devotion are usually considered shoegaze pop and dream pop. It has been described to be the perfect album for a rainy day. All the songs on the album had been written by Victoria Legrand, except where additional songwriters had been credited.

Devotion is the second full-length record by the Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House. The record was released on February 26, 2008. It debuted at #195 on the Billboard Chart.

The most popular tracks of Beach House’s album Beach House are ‘Gila‘ and ‘Heart of Chambers‘. The second song is said to have elements of chamber pop.

Teen Dream (2010)

The genre of Teen Dream can be most broadly described as rock and dream-pop. It has been described as having one of the most diverse explorations in terms of musicality from Beach House.

The most popular tracks of Beach House’s album Teen Dream are ‘Silver Soul‘ and ‘Take Care‘.

Bloom (2012)

Bloom from Beach House has dreamy notes of shoegaze and dream-pop like its predecessor. The album also featured live drum and drum machine arrangements.

The most popular tracks of Beach House’s album Bloom are ‘Myth‘ and ‘Lazuli‘.

Depression Cherry (2015)

The music genre of Depression Cherry is primarily considered to be indie and alternative. This fifth studio album from Beach House is similar to their predominant dream-pop style.

The most popular tracks of Beach House’s album Depression Cherry are ‘Space Song‘ and ‘PPP‘.

Thank Your Lucky Stars (2015)

The music genres explored in Thank Your Lucky Stars are folk and indie alternative. It was released soon after Depression Cherry.

The most popular tracks of Beach House’s album Thank Your Lucky Stars are ‘Majorette‘ and ‘She’s So Lovely‘.

7 (2018)

7 as an album was considered a departure from the usual music style and genres of the duo, towards something newer and more experimental. Its genres are psychedelic pop, indie, and alternative.

The most popular tracks of Beach House’s album 7 are ‘Lemon Glow‘ and ‘Black Car‘.

Once Twice Melody (2022)

This is Beach House’s 8th studio album featuring 18 songs. Here, they experiment with new sounds on the album but also keep many of the drum machines, keyboards, and tones associated with previous Beach House records. In general, you could call the music genre dream pop and chamber pop. There are psychedelia influences too.

The album is split into 4 different parts, released on different dates. The first chapter was released on November 10, 2021, and the standalone single ‘Hurts to Love’ was released last on February 14, 2022. Also Valentin’s Day for the ones who were not paying attention.

Up until now, the most popular tracks of Beach House’s album Once Twice Melody are Once Twice Melody‘ and ‘Superstar‘. Although we assume that ‘Hurts to Love’ and other tracks are also going to become more popular with time.

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