What Genre is Ava Max?

She exploded onto the scene with her single “Sweet but Psycho”.

Ava Max has firmly embedded herself in the music sphere. Amanda Ava Koci, if you prefer her full name.

With her debut studio album, “Heaven and Hell”, Ava created something the world couldn’t ignore.

Having been compared to pop music icons like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Ava Max is owning it.

Yet, one question that comes up ‘what genre is Ava Max?’.

So, let’s dive into her world and uncover the various shades that influence Ava Max’s music.

Ava Max’s Music Genre


At the heart of Ava Max’s music repertoire, dance-pop beats strong.

She has a unique voice, her music is always full of energy and she has catchy tunes and lyrics. This combo sticks with people.

Two standout songs that show her dance-pop style are “Sweet but Psycho” and “Kings & Queens”.

Max’s distinct music style is on full display here.

Her songs are fun to dance to and can turn any place into a dance floor. Highlighting her influence in the dance-pop music genre.


Ava Max’s melodies also echo a powerful pop influence.

Collaborations with renowned names like David Guetta further emphasize this.

If you’re looking for Ava Max’s unforgettable pop tunes, you should listen to her hit singles “So Am I” and “Naked”.

They scream ‘chartbuster’ in every sense.

Ava Max has a feel for creating pop music hits too.

Other Influences

Ava Max’s genre is not limited to dance-pop and pop.

She flows through electro-pop, and touching club scenes with eurodance influences.

Just listen to “My Head & My Heart” and “Torn”. They’re examples of Ava’s diverse musical influences.

The Music Genres Across Her Albums

Heaven & Hell (2020)

Heaven & Hell, released in 2020, is Ava Max’s first full-length album.

The album combines dance-pop and electro-pop elements for a modern sound.

You can hear upbeat electronic beats, tying in with Ava Max’s unique blend of pop music.

“Sweet but Psycho”, a bubbly, dance-inducing track, was the first song that announced Ava Max to the world.

“Kings & Queens” is an upbeat, empowering anthem.

Diamonds & Dancefloors (2023)

Diamonds & Dancefloors is the 2023 album from Ava Max.

The album has elements of dance-pop, and even dives into new territory with disco and eurodance.

Listeners are treated to danceable beats with popular tracks like “Maybe You’re The Problem” and “Million Dollar Baby”.

Diamonds & Dancefloors takes Ava Max’s fusion of dance-pop a step further.

She throws in more nostalgic disco and new wave elements, shaping a unique sound.


Ava Max’s sound is deeply rooted in dance-pop and pop.

But she isn’t hesitant to venture into electro-pop and disco.

Delivering memorable hits that are impossible to ignore.

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