What Genre Is Adele?

Almost everybody knows Adele and her powerful voice. But what is her specific music genre?

In short, we would say it is Soul.

Below, we go deeper into what her genre is. We also look at the different genres and styles on her albums. After, we try to answer some frequently asked questions about Adele.

Adele’s general music genre

If we have to sum Adele’s music genre up into one word,

We would say it is Soul.

Yet, her tracks span over a wide array of genres if we elaborate a little more. You can say Adele can also be categorized under:

  • Pop
  • Blue-Eyed Soul
  • R&B

Music style

Adele herself called one of her singles genre ‘dark bluesy gospel disco tune‘.

She got part of her R&B inspiration from Etta James, Lauryn Hill, and Alicia Keys.

Next, Amy Winehouse is one of her big inspirations for picking up a guitar and writing ‘Someone Like you’ or ‘Hometown’.

In general, Adele is known to have an amazing voice and pairs incredibly with a piano, guitar, and drums. Her biggest hits are characterized by just her voice and a piano.

Adele’s music genre per album

19 (2008)

The music genre on this album is Blue-Eyed Soul. The lyrics sing about heartbreak, relationships, and nostalgia.

She released this album following her graduation from BRIT School in 2006.

While still young and inexperienced, she received positive reviews from critics. It was noted that she could become one of the most respected and inspiring artists of her generation.

The most popular tracks of Adele’s album 19 are:

21 (2011)

The genres on the second studio album are Pop and R&B.

She was inspired by American country and Blues during her debut tour An Evening with Adele. The lyrics sing about heartbreak and forgiveness.

21 was received as a critical success. Next to winning multiple prizes, the album ranked in the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

The most popular tracks of Adele’s album 21 are:

25 (2015)

Adele’s third album is still Soul, Pop, and R&B.

Yet, it takes a different path than her previous album’s music genre. The album combines electronic elements with 1980s R&B and creative rhythmic patterns.

The lyrical themes sing about nostalgia, melancholia about the passage of time, and regret.

The album has become the fourth-best-selling album of the 21st century, with 22 million sold worldwide. It was Diamond certified by the RIAA. Adele is the only artist from the 2010s to reach this.

The most popular tracks of Adele’s album 25 are:

30 (2021)

30 is the latest album of Adele. The release date was on 19 November 2021.

The lyrics of the album are inspired by her divorce from Simon Konecki.

In general, the genre can be described as pop, jazz, and soul. The album focuses on melancholic themes of acceptance, hope, heartbreak, and divorce.

Adele does diverge from the style on her previous albums and leans more towards a ‘tougher’, powerful style. 30 contains both uptempo songs as well as easier ballads.

The most popular tracks of Adele’s album 30 are:

  • Easy On Me
  • Oh My God

Frequently asked questions about Adele

What kind of music does Adele sing?

Adele is an artist who has created her own unique sound. Her music touches fans in a way that few others can manage.

While it is too simplified to fully respect her talent, we would say the kind of music is Soul.

Is Adele R&B?

Yes, Adele is definitely tied to the R&B genre.

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