What music genre is ABBA?

Since ABBA won Eurovision in 1974, the band has become world-famous.

Here we dive deeper into some questions about the Music Genre of ABBA.

What is ABBA’s music genre?

The short answer to this question is Swedish Pop. It does have influences from Disco, Jazz, and even Rock.

Still, ABBA’s music genre has a much larger and impressive story. This put ABBA in a genre all their own. Their sound has influences that have adapted, grown, and changed over the decades.

What is the story behind ABBA’s Music genre?

The start of ABBA’s sound – Eurovision

Actually, the whole phenomenon that we know to be Swedish Pop began with ABBA. Their performance of “Waterloo,” won first place on an episode of Eurovision in 1974. This televised competition was a European sensation since 1959. ABBA was Sweden’s first Eurovision winner.

This not only gained them European acclaim, but also the respect of their country. ABBA’s sound encompasses disco with catchy, foot-tapping rhythms. This put ABBA in a genre all their own: Swedish Pop. ABBA has enjoyed worldwide fame ever since and their music has become synonymous with all pop music.

That said, while ABBA was not the first to start Swedish Pop, they definitely were the ones who brought it to global fame. It actually existed just after World War II. Ironically, it had influences from American Jazz and, eventually, Rock-N-Roll.

Swedish Pop Today

Today’s pop music is very much influenced by ABBA and they are considered the forebears of the genre. As a matter of fact, the Swedish government incentivizes pop music all around the world. In the country, 30% of the children participate in some sort of pop-star grooming program. These are after-school music activities coming from public tax dollars.

Even in the 2000s, Swedish artists continue to evolve pop to include electronic elements. All this has combined to put Sweden as the number one exporter of chart music relative to the country’s GDP.

As a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon for American pop stars to work with bigger names in the Swedish pop industry. Brittney Spears and the Backstreet Boys are just two examples.

Frequently Asked Questions – ABBA

Is ABBA’s music genre pop or disco?

So, while ABBA’s music genre is Swedish Pop, this includes a definite disco element. The fun thing about it is that it was originally an inspiration that came from American Jazz artists. So, it has been a beautiful exchange of American culture and Swedish enthusiasm.

Why are ABBA’s songs so catchy?

In general, humans like to sing and dance. A powerful song to sing along with and shake upon will release dopamine. Dopamine will make you feel happy and have pleasure.

Because of this, we think that the simplicity of the lyrics and the powerful rhythm is at the foundation of the catchiness.

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