Where To Start With Tove Lo: Best Albums, Ranked

She’s the electrifying talent behind hits like “Habits” – meet Sweden’s dark pop princess, Tove Lo.

With her fiery persona and raw lyrics, she has become a legend of electropop. And she is recognized by her raw, even sexual take on pop music.

Her takeoff into the music scene began with the release of her debut album “Queen of the Clouds” in 2014.

In the meantime she has collaborated with Lorde and Ellie Goulding. And finds herself mentioned in the same breath with artists such as Flume, Ava Max, and even Coldplay.

Influences of synth-pop, dance music, and indie pop also mark her sound.

Ready your playlists as we go through Tove’s discography and suggest essential listens. Here are all of Tove Lo albums ranked.

Tove Lo’s Albums Ranked

Queen of the Clouds (2014)

Snagging the top ranking is Tove Lo’s premier album “Queen of the Clouds”.

Generating mixed reviews this album came onto the music scene with a boom. Accentuated of course with Tove Lo’s unabashed expressions.

“Stay High”, the album’s showstopper, throbs with deep bass lines and whispery vocals – an expression of numbness.

And the raw honesty in her songwriting further shines bright in “Thousand Miles”.

Overall, “Queen of the Clouds” marked an ambitious beginning to Tove Lo’s discography. Despite questions about its longevity.

Lady Wood (2016)

Trailing just behind on the list is her second album, “Lady Wood”.

This record solidified Tove Lo’s stand as a sinewy voice within electropop. She amps up atmosphere with darker and edgier stories.

Lyrically, Lady Wood doesn’t stray too far from the style set up on her debut album, but here key is the production.

The most notable track, “Cool Girl”, is an inventive commentary on unrealistic expectations of women.

The song “True Disaster” exhibits a darker vibe that defines the essence of “Lady Wood”.

Lady Wood is a solid pop album that relies more on being interesting than predictable. Tove Lo doesn’t care too much about conformity, and we like it.

Blue Lips (2017)

Next on the rank is “Blue Lips”. It continues on the same vibe as its predecessor “Lady Wood”.

Diving into personal narratives, this album explores themes of love, lust, and heartbreak.

The tracks like “Disco Tits” and “Bitches” bristle with energy and artistic daring.

Staying true to her ambitions and limits, Tove Lo builds on consistency. “Blue Lips” further highlighted her uncensored storytelling.

Dirt Femme (2022)

Tove Lo’s latest album “Dirt Femme”, continues her streak as the dark, electro-pop swan. Fourth in the ranking.

The record is unapologetic, fierce, and embraces the complexities of femininity and identity.

Tracks like “No One Dies From Love” and “How Long”.

Again there’s a spotlight on Tove Lo’s ability to craft stories while shedding light on deeper topics.

Infused with her signature blend of dark lyrical wit and infectious pop, “Dirt Femme” again shows Tove Lo’s growth.

Sunshine Kitty (2019)

The fifth place goes to her fourth studio album, “Sunshine Kitty”.

This album is an interlude between the darker “Blue Lips” and the more playful sphere of her latest work “Dirt Femme”.

Songs like “Glad He’s Gone” and “Really Don’t Like U” are hooks that show Tove Lo’s raw, magnetic style. And that music doesn’t have to be serious.

“Sunshine Kitty” mirrors Tove Lo’s determination to infuse sincerity into her discography.


Tove Lo consistently offers fresh takes on electropop in her albums.

From the unfiltered candidness of her debut “Queen of the Clouds” to the further depth found in “Dirt Femme”.

We love ranking her album and maybe one day come back to it. But for now, we excitingly await her next musical adventure.

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