Where To Start With The Weeknd: Best Albums Ranked

The Weeknd, born as Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, is more than a Canadian singer-songwriter. Since his emergence, he has woven a fusion of pop, R&B, hip hop, and soul. Creating an sound that made him famous in an evolving rhythm and blues panorama.

His journey into music began with anonymous audio tracks uploaded to YouTube in 2010. Thus, began a slow-burning streak into international fame.

The story through The Weeknd’s discography is evolution. It is an exploration of creative and unabashed homage to the music that shaped him.

Now, let’s delve in and rank The Weeknd albums from best to least.

The Weeknd’s Albums Ranked

Starboy (2016)

On top is “Starboy”. The Weeknd’s Grammy-winning third studio album.

It signaled a new era in The Weeknd’s musical repertoire. Abandoning the darker themes of his previous works. Instead, it delivers a more upbeat and pop-saturated sound.

Housing tracks such as “I Feel It Coming”, “Starboy”, and “Party Monster”. It can be said that Starboy is The Weeknd’s most popular album.

Yet, it’s not just the hits that make “Starboy” a musical meisterwerk. It reveals an artist navigating fame while telling tales of excess.

Beauty Behind The Madness (2015)

Claiming runner-up is “Beauty Behind The Madness”.

An album adored by fans, this album is his initial love letter to pop music. Navigating a space between his alternative R&B roots and ahead-of-the-curve pop instincts.

The soulful anguish in “The Hills”. The rhythm of “Can’t Feel My Face”. The emotive “Earned It”. These are the most defining and popular tracks on the record.

“Beauty Behind The Madness” also features collaborations with other music heavyweights. “Dark Times”, vocal duties with Ed Sheeran. ”Prisoner”, a moody duet with Lana Del Rey.

After Hours (2020)

Securing third is The Weeknd’s fourth studio album, “After Hours”. Released on March 20, 2020, its arrival coincided with nationwide lockdowns. It became the much-needed escapism.

Showcasing a mix of 80s synth-pop, dreamy landscapes, and R&B soul. Housing globally successful tracks including the 80s-tinged “Blinding Lights” and “In Your Eyes”. The result is a cinematic record that feels like a lonely nocturnal drive.

With “After Hours” The Weeknd experimented with music videos and various artistic mediums. From the bloodied, bandaged figure on the album cover to cinematic videos. “After Hours ” weaved together influences from different eras to create an familiar sound.

The Remaining The Weeknd Albums: From “Trilogy” to “Dawn FM”

“Trilogy” (2012) is a compilation album that re-mastered his earlier mixtapes. The Weeknd’s early sound in its rawest. Notable tracks are “Wicked Games”, “The Zone”, and “High For This”.

“Kiss Land” is his first studio album released in 2013. It stands as a moody and cinematic conduit. Pouring deeper into the themes of love, and longing.

In contrast, 2018’s EP “My Dear Melancholy,” revealed a return to The Weeknd’s darker sound. “Call Out My Name” and “Privilege” unfurled The Weeknd’s heartache.

His latest offering is “Dawn FM”. It bridges his past and future musically. Aided by standouts like the dance-ready “Take My Breath” and the pulsating “Sacrifice”.


In conclusion, The Weeknd’s discography unfolds as a vibrant story. From his humble beginnings with anonymous tracks on YouTube to worldwide fame. he is a musical chameleon.

A journey from the boundary-testing “Trilogy” to the moody undertones of “Dawn FM”. Each album marks a chapter.

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