Where To Start With Taylor Swift: Best Albums Ranked

Few artists have come close to touching the breadth and depth of Taylor Swift’s discography.

She burst on the scene as a budding country star before she was old enough to vote, and has since racked up an avalanche of hits spanning numerous genres.

Now a certified pop queen, Swift has ten albums to date, and we ranked our fave five. Join us as we delve into some of the most memorable and popular albums.

Taylor Swift’s Albums Ranked

  1. 1989 (2014)
  2. Lover (2019)
  3. Reputation (2017)
  4. Taylor Swift (2006)
  5. Speak Now (2010)

1989 (2014)

The album that produced nearly endless Instagram captions (remember when we were all nightmares dressed like daydreams?). “1989” also solidified Swift as a true country-to-pop crossover artist, arguably rivaling fellow queen Shania Twain. 

“1989” doesn’t contain the same hard-hitting, deep lyrics that have become the hallmark of Swift’s more recent releases. 

However, this album gifted fans with numerous fast-beat dance tracks like “Out of the Woods,” “Welcome to New York,” and of course, “Shake it Off.”

At the 58th annual Grammy Awards, “1989” won Album of the Year. 

The most popular track from “1989” is: “Shake it Off”

Lover (2019)

“Lover” is Swift’s techno dream. Much like its ”1989” predecessor, it’s heavy on the electronic vibes and makes great use of the synth.

“Lover” lyrically pulls from a much rawer place, with themes focused on personal loss and nostalgia. 

Swift is famously a solo act so fans were pleasantly surprised when Swift collabed with Panic! At the Disco’s Brendan Urie on “ME!”

The most popular track from “Lover” is: “Lover”

Reputation (2017)

“Reputation” ushered in a darker version of Swift that was nearly unrecognizable to fans who were accustomed to her teenage bops. 

Now fully grown, Swift used “Reputation” to explore more disjointed beats and lyrics that speak to anger, resentment, and revenge.  

Tracks like “I Did Something Bad” and “Look What You Made Me Do” made it clear Swift was shedding her All-American Sweetheart reputation in favor of a more honest version of herself.

The most popular song from “Reputation” is: “Delicate”

Taylor Swift (2006)

If you’re looking for where to start with Taylor Swift, there’s probably no better place than the beginning. 

Swift released her debut album at just 17 years old under Big Machine Records. 

“Taylor Swift” is a country record at its heart. It prominently features the guitar and other strings that make listeners feel like they’re on a hayride with an old pal.

The album maintains its innocence, lyrically, and lets Swift’s fresh vocals shine. 

The most popular track from “Taylor Swift” is: “Our Song”

Speak Now (2010)

Swift really began to find her voice with “Speak Now.” 

While the album still holds onto its country roots, “Speak Now” was pop enough to to pull its weight in the contemporary genre. 

Amidst the many tracks centered on relationships woes and self-reflection, Swift even kindly included a lullabye for her youngest fans. 

Swift wrote this album completely on her own, all while balancing her Fearless Tour. 

The most popular song from “Speak Now” is: “Mean”


In conclusion, our ranking of Taylor Swift’s top five albums showcases her evolution as an artist, from her country roots in “Taylor Swift” to the electronic vibes of “1989” and “Lover”. Each album has its unique sound, themes, and popular tracks.

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