Where To Start With Tame Impala: Best Albums Ranked

Tame Impala, the brainchild of Australian-born musician and producer, Kevin Parker, has been making waves in the psychedelic music scene since 2007.

Tame Impala’s discography includes a number of albums that mostly feature the synth, guitars, and Kevin’s vocals that give Paul McCartney a (band on the) run for his money.

Here are our top Tame Impala pieces.

Tame Impala’s Albums Ranked


Currents is the follow up to 2012’s Lonerism. Limited double vinyl LP pressing.

Currents Album

Currents (2015)

“Currents” has been enjoying some airtime thanks to a few of the songs “blowing up” on TikTok, as the kids say.

However, this is something of a golden oldie as it’s nearly a decade old now. 

“Let it Happen” has a distinct techno feel but is also eerily nostalgic.

It also sounds like a Beach Boys song if they would have had access to better synthesizers. 

Another hot track from “Currents” is “The Less I Know the Better”, which features the electric guitar laying down a pretty funky beat. 

The whole album is pretty upbeat, and Tame Impala uses pretty heavily edited vocals to achieve a light sound that makes this album so feel-good. 

The most popular track from “Currents” is: “The Less I Know the Better”

Innerspeaker (2010)

Kevin has often said that his music is heavily influenced by that of the 1960s, and he wasn’t lying.

Nearly every song on “Innerspeaker” sounds like it was picked up off the cutting room floor of a Beatles project. 

“The Bold Arrow of Time” comes in like a classic rock song with a heavy bass and pounding beat.

“Expectation” keeps with the guitar theme, but this time, it takes a backseat to the percussion. 

The entire album features songs that really let each element shine. 

Whether it’s the strings playing nicely with the drums or the way the instruments fade out to let Tame Impala’s vocals come through. 

The most popular track from “Innerspeaker” is: “Alter Ego”

Lonerism (2012)

“Lonerism” came just after  “Innerspeaker” and it couldn’t have been a more stark departure. 

This album goes harder on the instrumentals and brings Tame Impala’s music into the 21st century –– the early 2000s, to be exact. 

Songs like “Why Won’t They Talk to Me” are pretty emotionally tumultuous, touching on themes of isolation and sadness. 

This is a string that runs throughout most of the album –– hence the title –– and some songs are incredibly depressing, like “Sun’s Coming Up”.

“Lonerism” is almost ironically named, as Kevin recorded much of it while he was running around the world on tour with his bandmates and a few thousand of his closest fans. 

The most popular track from “Lonerism” is: “Mind Mischief”

The Slow Rush (2020)

“The Slow Rush” was Tame Impala’s contribution to the pandemic music scene. 

The album is slightly more upbeat, with some tracks perhaps quality as club hits, such as “Glimmer.” 

Others, like “On Track,” are lyrically more positive than some of Tame Impala’s older work. 

Time is a common thread that ties this album together thematically.

“Tomorrow’s Dust,” and “Lost in Yesterday” are a few key samplings that represent this theme that carries throughout the work. 

“The Slow Rush” was recognized by the 63rd Grammy Awards when “Lost in Yesterday” was nominated for Best Rock Song. 

The most popular track from “The Slow Rush” is: “Borderline”

Tame Impala’s Most Famous Song

Tame Impala killed it with the most famous song ‘The Less I Know The Better’.

This banger is from their 2015 album ‘Currents’.

Moreover, It shows off the genius of Kevin Parker who merged modern psych-rock with a disco-pop vibe.

Securing a spot on Triple J’s Hottest 100 of the Decade list in 2020.

Ultimately, It’s a timeless addition to any playlist.

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