Where To Start With Shawn Mendes: Best Albums, Ranked

Shawn Mendes – you may know him as the strumming talent behind “Stitches”.

Making his debut in the mainstream music industry with ‘Handwritten’ in 2015.

This Canadian has etched himself into pop music with his emphatic lyrics, and guitar-playing skills.

Joining the likes of prominent artists such as Ed Sheeran and John Mayer.

And he also performed in duos with artists like Camila Cabello and Taylor Swift.

Each album has been a step in a journey through love, loss, fame, and expectations.

As such, naming the best Shawn Mendes album may be a task for some.

So, sit back, plug in your headphones, and allow us to guide you while we rank his albums.

Shawn Mendes’ Albums Ranked

Handwritten (2015)

Top-notch on our list is Mendes’ first album ‘Handwritten’.

Blending pop and acoustic genres, ‘Handwritten’ familiarized the world with Mendes’ music.

Featuring his hauntingly talented voice and skillful guitar playing.

The acclaimed producers Martin Terefe and Jake Gosling contributed to the project.

Breaking the album down, “Stitches”, leaves an indelible mark. It unveils Mendes’ soul-stirring vocals and a rhythm that it’s impossible not to sway to.

Meanwhile, Mendes’ rendition of “A Little Too Much”, touched hearts with earnest lyrics and passionate delivery.

Complete with popular singles and Mendes’ storytelling, ‘Handwritten’ marked a grand commencement.

Illuminate (2016)

A close second in our ranking is Mendes follow-up album ‘Illuminate’ (2016).

‘Illuminate’ represented a turning point in Mendes’ career. It served as his stepping stone from being a Vine sensation to a bona fide music heavyweight.

This record carried more weight as Mendes diversified his sound, blending the light pop tunes with more mature notes.

Key tracks such as “Treat You Better” further amplified Mendes’ songwriting skills. The song is a soulful plea of love and respect.

“Mercy”, conversely, provided another dramatic taste of his vocal power.

The album also pivoted with tracks like “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”. Displaying Mendes’ ability to fuse in energetic rhythm in his songs.

The success of ‘Illuminate’ reaffirmed Mendes’ promise as a talent in the music scene. Far from being a teenage one-hit wonder.

Shawn Mendes (2018)

Locking down third position in our album ranking is self-titled album, ‘Shawn Mendes’.

The album represents Mendes’ explorative journey deep into personal domains. Painting a vivid picture of heartbreak, passion, and personal evolution.

But also veering from slow-tempo tracks to rhythmic pop beats.

“In My Blood”, the album’s lead single, Mendes’ crafts a gripping narrative. The struggle against anxiety and depression in a moving manner.

On the flip side, “Lost In Japan”, takes a detour into a lighter atmosphere. This flirtatious track with funky vibes reveals Mendes’ playful side.

The song ‘Youth’, featuring Khalid, is a soul-stirring commentary on the power of resilience.

In essence, ‘Shawn Mendes’ portrays the emotional storytelling of Mendes.

Wonder (2020)

The fourth spot is for Shawn Mendes’ fourth studio album, ‘Wonder’.

‘Wonder’ makes a gap from soulful sounds of ‘Shawn Mendes’ to more intimate tales of personal exploration.

This album is driven by a compelling narrative of introspection and self-revelation.

The title track “Wonder”, takes listeners on a journey through love and confession.

Meanwhile, “Teach Me How to Love” unveils another facet of Mendes’ musical repertoire. The soul-infused blends rhythm and raw emotion.

‘Wonder’ is about his journey of personal growth and gentle exploration.


In conclusion, Shawn Mendes is definitely worth his place in the music scene.

Ranging from the raw authenticity of earliest work ‘Handwritten’ to the latest reflections on ‘Wonder’.

Ranking Shawn Mendes’ discography is not the most easy task.

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