Where To Start With Rihanna: Best Albums Ranked

Many stars started out young, but Rihanna’s got most of them beat.

Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, is a Barbados-born musician who began her illustrious career at the age of 17. Yes, Rihanna was making bangers for the club before she was old enough to get in.

Rihanna’s discography is chock-full of some of the tracks that defined the early 2000s pop scene. 

Rihanna Albums Ranked

  1. Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)
  2. Loud (2010)
  3. Anti (2016)
  4. Talk That Talk (2011)

Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)

“Good Girl Gone Bad” was Rihanna’s second studio album, and it contains a few songs that would go on to become some of her most enduring hits. 

“Rehab” is much more narrative-driven than some other songs on this album. It doesn’t do as much to show off her vocal range, but it does showcase her ability to tell a story. 

Of course, you can’t mention this album without a nod to its smash hit, “Umbrella.” 

This is the song that ran all the way to number one on numerous charts. In fact, it was so hot that Tom Holland had to give it its dues during his star turn on “Lip Sync Battle.”

“Good Girl Gone Bad” has to be appreciated for its value and for the fact that Rihanna was just 19 when she released this monster of an album. 

The most popular track from “Good Girl Gone Bad” is: “Umbrella”

Loud (2010)

“Loud” was pure pop, and that’s just the way the Barbados beauty wanted it. 

“Man Down” harkens to her Carribean roots as she croons about shooting a guy in cold blood. 

On the other hand, “Only Girl in the World” gives listeners a sweet, but still sultry ballad about being someone’s one and only. 

Rihanna always tested the limits lyrically, but she really went all the way on “S&M.” No coy innuendo on this one; just a straight-up bop about BDSM. 

Eminem also spins the block with her on “Love the Way You Lie Part II.” 

Ultimately, “Loud” did what it needed to do to solidify Rihanna as a bonafide pop princess.

The most popular track from ‘Loud” is: “What’s My Name?”

Anti (2016)

What wasn’t a hit on this album? From “James Joint” to “Work,” “Anti” was a solid comeback after a nearly half-decade of silence from the star. 

Much like its predecessor “Rated R,” this album is quite raunchy in nature and is an unabashed expo into Rihanna’s own sensuality. 

“Anti” is a piece that encapsulates a now fully grown Rihanna’s take on love, sexuality, and her sense of self. 

“Sex With Me” is a spicy track that pulls no punches and makes no apologies. 

Rihanna also throws in some old-timey sounds with the heavenly strings featured on “Higher.” 

And you can’t forget the lush tones and beefy beats on “Same Ol’ Mistakes.”

The most popular track from “Anti” is: “Work”

Talk That Talk (2011)

Rihanna really went all out with her production team for “Talk That Talk,” her sixth studio album. 

There’s no question that Calvin Harris earned his paycheck for his work on “Talk That Talk.” The single “We Found Love” went on to become one of Rihanna’s biggest hits, and it’s largely regarded as one of the best pop songs of the decade. 

Meanwhile, “Where Have You Been” is just what the Dr. Luke ordered when Rihanna recruited him for help making this dance track. 

Finally, “Cockiness (Love It)” features her pal and partner ASAP Rocky. 

“Talk That Talk” ended up being another dancehall album that served Rihanna’s career very well. 

The most popular track from “Talk That Talk” is: “We Found Love”


From the early days of “Good Girl Gone Bad” to the more recent “Anti”. Each album contains its own gems, but some tracks stand out as enduring classics.

Rihanna’s legacy as a pop icon continues to inspire like for example her Super Bowl passage.

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