Where To Start With Olivia Rodrigo: Best Albums, Ranked

She’s the youthful spirit behind “drivers license” – Olivia Rodrigo.

With this heartfelt song, she has driven straight into the hearts of fans around the world.

Her musical journey began with the release of her debut album ‘Sour’ in 2021. Her music tiptoes between pop, indie pop, and rock, among other genres.

Encouraged by her music-loving family, she honed her singing skills from a young age.

And her performances are as striking as Ariana Grande‘s, while she evokes emotions like Lorde‘s music can.

It’s thrilling to rank her albums and highlight the best Olivia Rodrigo has to offer.

Plug in your devices and turn the volume high as we journey into Olivia Rodrigo’s album and song guide.

Olivia Rodrigo Albums Ranked

Sour (2021)

Claiming the top spot is Rodrigo’s first album – ‘Sour’.

‘Sour’ blends pop and rock with a dash of angst-filled, teenage narrative and Olivia’s vocals.

Kicking off the album with a bang is “brutal”, a guitar-driven song that sets the tone for the rest of the release. It’s a breath of raw honesty.

Who can overlook the hit “drivers license”, a track about young love and heartbreak?

The album hints that Rodrigo has a knack for quirky touches. Like the weird background scream in the track “jealousy, jealousy”.

This album was a powerful start to Rodrigo’s rapidly successful career.

GUTS (2023)

Second position in our album ranking is ‘GUTS’ (2023).

It definitely fulfills expectations set by her debut. But just like fine wine, the album will only mature further as the days go by.

Its sound is a bold evolution from the pop sound of ‘Sour’ to a pop rock vibe.

Standout tracks “vampire” is a creatively creepy song, about a story of a boy who exploits and leeches off the narrator.

“bad idea right?” is another fan-favorite. A lively tempo punk pop melody that carries the story of Olivia’s lying to her friends, to go to a late-night rendezvous with an ex-lover.

‘GUTS’ hints at the evolution of Rodrigo’s sound, suggesting an musical journey yet to come.


In a brief time on the global music scene, Olivia Rodrigo has switched gears to get her to the front.

From the teen pop present in ‘Sour’ to the fearless pop rock in ‘GUTS’.

It’s safe to say that ranking Olivia Rodrigo albums has proven how much potential this young artist has.

As we wait for what comes next, we are confident it will be spectacular.

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