Modern Synthpop Bands You Should Know in 2021

Synthpop is hard to put into clear brackets. The music genre has many faces, a rich history, and a wide range of styles. Still, the typical sound, primarily created on synths and drum machines is timeless.

In the post below, we go somewhat deeper into modern synthpop – the music in the genre that was created from the 2000s on. First, we give a short explanation about modern synthpop. After, we list our favorite bands in the genre.

What is modern synthpop?

Synthpop originally arose in the late 1970s as a sub genre of New Wave music. The genre had great commercial success until the mid 1980s. From the late 1980s until the late 1990s it started declining. Then, starting from the early 2000s, synthpop started becoming popular again. Today, that popularity is still increasing.

Modern synthpop is made by bands and artists since the revival of the synthpop genre in the 21st century. The genre got renewed interest because of the rise of electronic music and nostalgia for the 1980s.

You can recognize the genre by the vintage synthesizers and drum machines being dominant musical instruments. Often, the influences of sequencers are present too. The sound can have synthetic, robotic textures or have a rather technological feeling.

What are good modern synthpop bands?

Of course, personal taste differs from person to person. We have selected our most beloved synthpop bands.

You cannot always make a distinction between modern synthpop and the genre from the 1980s. Still, we think that you will find an interesting listen in the listing below:


M83 is the synthpop project of the French artist Anthony Gonzalez. He and former member Nicolas Fromageau founded the group in 2001 in Antibes, France.

The band’s style is influenced by electronic and rock music. The sound is recognizable by extensive use of reverb effects. Often, softly-spoken lyrics are encompassing the vintage-sounding instruments.

The songs give you a strong ‘anemoia’ feeling: Nostalgia for things you never experienced before.

Most popular tracks are:

Future Islands

Future Islands was formed in 2003, led by frontman Samuel T. Herring. The members of the band did change in 2006. The band is based in Baltimore, Maryland.

While Future Islands routinely rejects this classification, the band can be called synthpop. The band has strong influences of post-punk rock. A bass guitar and synthesizers are heavily present in most of the songs.

When the band performed on the Late Show With David Letterman, it left the host dazzled.

Most popular songs are:

La Roux

La Roux is the synthpop project of Elly Jackson. The band was originally formed in 2006 and became a solo project in 2012 after producer Ben Langmaid left.

The sound of the artist is largely influenced by 80s music. Think about synthpop from Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, The Human League, and so on. Her tracks are characterized by strong kicks and sharp synths. Also, the vocals are powerfully present.

The name La Roux comes from the mix of French masculine word for ‘redhead’ and the feminine article for ‘the’.

Most popular tracks are:


Porches is the synthpop band of Aaron Maine, established in 2010. The synthpop artist is based in Pleasantville, New York.

The synthpop artist does have both downtempo and upbeat songs. The instruments are often guided by 80s kicks and snares.

In general, the synthpop band has a dreamy vibe. It can also be qualified as dream pop. The lyrics are rather present.

Most popular tracks are:


STRFKR is a synthpop project of Joshua Hodges. The band is from Portland, Oregon and was established in 2007.

The synthpop band has as goal to make music that you can actually listen to, but you can also dance to. The lyrics often discuss death and mortality, but with an upbeat sound. The synthesizers make the music danceable and nostalgic.

The band often wears women’s clothing during live performances.

Most popular tracks are:


TWRP is a synthpop – electrofunk band from Toronto, Canada. The band was initially founded in 2007.

The synthpop band is often referred to as ‘Elite squad of Rock-Stars from the future!’. They are heavily inspired by the 80s synth-rock and electrofunk. They say to transcend time and space, which is true because their sound belongs to the 1980s as well as the future.

The synthpop band is known for their wild live shows. They always perform in full costumes and masks, hiding their faces.

Most popular tracks are:

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