Where To Start With Michael Bublé: Best Albums Ranked

Michael Bublé is well-known for blending jazz and traditional pop. Born in Canada, Bublé has managed to carve a name for himself in the world of Great American Songbook. Sparked by his family’s deep love for music.

This led to several performances in nightclubs, cruise ships and even a stint in theatre. The velvet-voiced Canadian crooner has serenaded us over the years with numerous records. Each album is a reflection of his deep respect for musical tradition.

In this article, we’ll delve into the best Michael Bublé albums, ranking them from the best to the least.

Michael Bublé’s Albums Ranked

Call Me Irresponsible (2007)

First in our ranking of best albums is “Call Me Irresponsible”. Bublé’s spellbinding third studio album. It earned him the prestigious Grammy award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

The album balances songs penned by Bublé with an array of chosen covers. All adding to the album’s charm.

“Everything,” beautifully embodies Bublé’s flair for charming lyrics. “Lost” offers a touching and emotionally deep song. And Further down the tracklist, Bublé’s vibrant take on the classic “Me and Mrs. Jones”.

With “Call Me Irresponsible”, Bublé has expertly breathe new life into classic pop standards.

To Be Loved (2013)

Securing the second position is “To Be Loved”, Michael Bublé’s seventh studio album. It embraces the golden era of pop standards while integrating original compositions.

It opens with an energizing rendition of the standard “You Make Me Feel So Young”. Next track, “It’s a Beautiful Day”, offers a catchy tune veiled with positive undertones. Finally, Bublé’s exploration into other eras is on full display with the Motown classic “Who’s Lovin’ You”.

Spanning through styles, this album has strong yet tender energy.

Crazy Love (2009)

Third place is for “Crazy Love”, Michael Bublé’s compelling sixth studio album.

“Crazy Love” opens with a breathtaking, cinematic rendition of “Cry Me a River”. A jewel of the album, “Haven’t Met You Yet”, is an original track co-written by Bublé. It’s a sunny, upbeat pop anthem full of promise and anticipation. Becoming one of Bublé’s most popular songs to date.

In “Crazy Love”, Bublé curated an intoxicating mix of originals and reinvigorated classics.

Remaining Michael Bublé Albums: From “Nobody But Me” to “Higher”

Starting with “Nobody But Me”. This album is a stunning blend of tracks as “My Baby Just Cares For Me” and “I Believe in You”.

Following “Nobody But Me”, Bublé released his tenth studio album, “Love” (stylized as a heart emoji), in 2018. Standout tracks include “I Only Have Eyes For You” and a touching cover of “Unforgettable”.

With “Higher”, Bublé pushes his musical boundaries further. The album’s title track, “Higher”, is a love song. Another notable track is “Smile”.


In conclusion Michael Bublé has redefined contemporary Pop-Jazz.

Each album unyields charisma, and his uncanny ability to connect with listeners worldwide. And he’s continuing its legacy, one song at a time.

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