Where To Start With Katy Perry: Best Albums Ranked

Katy Perry, born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, has etched her stamp on global pop music. Known for quirky fashion, outlandish music videos, and infectious melodies.

She soared into the pop cosmos with the 2008 album, ‘One of the Boys’. Known for her tongue-in-cheek anthems and high-energy performances.

From cheeky pop to power tracks, Perry’s musical spectrum is a vibrant rainbow. So choosing the best Katy Perry albums requires an understanding of her artistry.

Join us as we spin through Katy Perry’s notable career. Ranking the best Katy Perry albums from top to bottom.

Katy Perry’s Albums Ranked

Teenage Dream (2010)

Unrivalled amongst Perry’s musical discography is ‘Teenage Dream’. The top spot goes to this iconic album that launched Perry to global fame.

It marks Perry’s turning point, gifting fans chart-topping numbers. The themes encompass love and teenage dreams. This all woven into vibey tunes.

It birthed massive hits like “California Gurls”, “Teenage Dream”, and “Firework”. Featuring artists like Snoop Dogg and Kanye West.

Pop tropes served on a platter of Perry’s effervescent persona. This makes it makes a timeless fan-favorite.

Prism (2013)

Second place in the ranking of best Katy Perry albums is ‘Prism’. This album fuses pop with disco and electronic elements.

Katy here is clearly stepping away from the pure pop sound of ‘Teenage Dream’.

It explores elements of self-reflection and resilience from a place of pain. This album also shifted Perry’s tone. Emerging from a transformational cocoon into a prism of self-love, healing and light.

The album’s monumental track, “Roar”, became an empowering anthem for listeners worldwide. In “Dark Horse” Perry showcases a flirtation with trap-pop.

One of the Boys (2008)

Securing the third spot in our Katy Perry album ranking is ‘One of the Boys’. This is the album that introduced Perry to the world.

Perry’s fusion of pop-rock elements and sassy lyrics gave a unique texture to this debut mainstream album.

The album features “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold”. Controversial yet massively popular tracks that put Perry on the map.

The Remaining Albums: From “Witness” to “Smile”

Some other notable albums of Perry’s discography.

“Witness”, Perry’s fifth studio album, moves towards electronic and dance music. It resulted in tracks like “Chained to the Rhythm” and “Swish Swish”.

Her later record, “Smile” brings Perry back to her pop roots and optimistic lyrics. The lead singles are “Daisies” and “Smile”.


In conclusion, the journey through Katy Perry’s discography is an enthralling ride.

From “One of the Boys” with Perry’s sassiness to the uplifting tones of ‘Smile’.

Ranking Katy Perry’s albums from best to least shows her unparalleled creativity.

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