How do you discover new music on Spotify?

Do you know the feeling when you are out of touch with your latest music discoveries on Spotify? When the joyous buzz of discovering new songs is replaced by boredom and irritation.

Being stuck in a loop of your playlists, never hearing anything different from what’s playing on repeat all day long. We’ve all been there.

Fortunately, Spotify has introduced unheard amounts of opportunities for new music to be discovered. It has made the listening experience more accessible than ever before. Spotify users have a vast amount of options to recommend new playlists with fresh finds.

You can also dig into new digital rabbit holes of the social network features, as long as you have your eyes open to see them. You could also opt for using third-party services.

Before you dive into your voyage of discovery, one more thing. Our preferred strategy is to add new songs that catch your attention and add them to a ‘listen again’ playlist, curated by yourself.

Once you have a well-established playlist, start listening at random and move the ones that don’t pass the test of time to an ‘archive’ playlist. This way you’ll never lose any of your loved ones anymore.

At the same time, you venture outside of Spotify algorithms that tend to keep you a prisoner to genres.

Spotify recommend’s

Spotify is promoting a lot of ways to recommend new songs based on your ‘music profile’. The following playlists will often have at least a couple of songs that you’ll like.

Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Mix

To explore what Spotify has to offer you could start with listening to your discover weekly. The discover weekly playlist is carefully curated by an algorithm with songs close to your taste but you have not yet listened to.

Your release radar playlist contains new releases of artists that you follow or new singles that you will like.

Daily mixes are playlists that contain songs you have listened to, blended in with some new suggestions proposed by Spotify.

Browse, Song Radio’s and Curated Playlists

Your search tab will encompass you to new themes you can browse in. These themes are categorized by genres, moods, or other popular fields.

Song radio’s are lists with songs similar to the one you are listening to. You can navigate to them by selecting the three dots in the right corner and selecting song radio.

You can also single out playlists curated by Spotify on your home tab. Typically, Spotify will often group them by country and genre. These can be good leads to learning what people around you like.

Social Network Recommend’s

What fellow music scrapers often forget is that there is a whole social network aspect to Spotify. There is a lot of user-generated rabbit holes on the platform.

Artists’ Playlists and Fans Also Like

Artists tend to make playlists themselves, which usually contain songs in genres related to themselves. We quite like the musical choices our favorite bands have made.

Fans also like functionality can be found on an artist’s page. These recommendations are based on what people with similar music tastes often listen to.

Friends, Family, and Random Users

You can find your friends on Spotify, follow them and see their playlists. You can also create blend playlists, where the music of your selected people is combined into one list. Word-of-mouth recommendations are ones to be trusted.

With family accounts, you have a family playlist combining all the musical decisions subscribed to on the account.

Other random user-generated playlists with a moderate amount of followers which contain songs you like often are good trails to follow. Human emotion still beats computational power, for now at least.

Other Services

Discover Quickly

Pretty great service where you choose an artist, playlist, or genre and then pick a song. It will then find others similar to the song and visually present them to you. When you hover over the song it will play a piece of it and when you click on it it gets added to a running list so you can easily add it to playlists later. Also, discovering the genres that artists actually fall under can be found this way.


JBQX is a social music sharing type site with user-created rooms for different genres. People take turns being a DJ playing the songs they want. You will be able to discover new music through it, and meet and make friends with fellow genre lovers as well.


Spotlistr can create playlists from a variety of sources like Youtube, last.FM, and Reddit. It generates a playlist of recommended tracks based on the activities of chosen sources. It does have utilities like removing duplicates from the playlist as well as a shuffler.


For a platform with hundreds of millions of active users, Spotify’s algorithm is doing its best to bring likable music to each of its users.

There’s a lot to be gained by broadening your horizons with a bit of intentional digging into the user-generated content on the site.

And if that is not enough to satisfy your hunger, you could always move to third-party service providers.

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